Stupid Man Tricks – Which Way the Wind Blows, Edition!

Fireworks are fun…

But some safety procedures must always be considered when playing with them.

Procedures? Such as have a fire extinguisher nearby, never hold fireworks when firing them and always know which way the wind is blowing.




BOSS Gifs – Freedom, Family, Fireworks and Friends Edition!

The Fourth of July.

It’s all about freedom, family, fireworks and friends.


It’s that “friends” part?

You must always be wary of.


This is how you celebrate this holiday with fireworks and your friends…

Like a BOSS!


BOSS Gifs – A Psychedelic Water Slide Ride, Edition!

[Quick, someone put on some Steppenwolf!]

Is there anything better…

Than water slides in the summer?


I don’t think there is.

And, when it comes to water slides?

They don’t have to be big, to be amazing…

For some water slides?

It’s what is IN them, that matters!














This is how you enjoy your summer, on a psychedelic water slide ride …

Like a BOSS!

Stupid WoMAN Tricks – Fake Eyelashes on Fire, Edition!

No, I shouldn’t laugh.

But it’s hard not to…

Not gonna lie.



Not sure what she thought the hand-waving was going to do.


Wonder if she ever got the fire that was her fake eyelashes put out?


It’s iffy.

BOSS Gifs – Shot of a Lifetime, Edition!

THIS (below)…

Will never, never, ever happen again.

But that’s OK…

The fact that this happened even one time?

Cool enough.

15 Of The Most Powerfully Cool Gifs


This is how you make a shot of a lifetime…

Like a BOSS!