BOSS Gifs – Loving Your Job and OWNING It, Edition!

He saw the oncoming threat…

And Owned it.


Did this bailiff did a darn good job!

Who needs a weapon when you can SLAM somebody, right?

Bailiff Fight Owns it -


This is how you OWN while executing your job…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – No Documentation Necessary, Edition!


I get that there are a lot of idiots in this world.

However, what I DON’T understand?

People’s seemingly ever-present, endless need…

To constantly document it.


water animated GIF


BOSS Gifs – Properties of Physics in Action, Edition!

One this I love about skateboarding?

It’s a visual spectacle…

Of the properties of physics in action:

Pipe skateboard trick


This is how you utilize physics when skateboarding (whether you know you are doing that or not)…

Like a BOSS!