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News Mash: A whole world exists, in every drop of water that you drink!

Though the machine that is Nature…

Has the mechanics in place to do its very best to purify?

The water in which you drink.

[via Science Blog] Recent data demonstrated a gigantic role of aquatic organisms in making water clean and clear. It was shown in the long-term international project that was carried out recently. The amazing results were presented in this paper, which is a review of the multi-year studies of aquatic organisms, mainly marine and freshwater invertebrates that are filter-feeders – freshwater mussels, marine mussels, oysters. They play a key role as biological filters – as an important part of the biosphere and hydrosphere. The studies were conducted in laboratories of four countries, including U.K. (England), Russia, Ukraine.

Ostroumov S.A. Biological filters are an important part of the biosphere – Science in Russia. 2009. No. 2. P. 30-36, in English. [The journal ‘Science in Russia’ is published by the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, both in English and in Russian; Nauka Publishers, Moscow; ISSN 0869-7078., ©Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium.] Full text of the paper see:;

Additional in-depth analysis of the role of aquatic organisms that filter water was given also in the papers: [Which you can Read More HERE!]

A world…

Far, FAR, beyond your imagination?

Can exist in one single drop.

[via io9Behold the bizarre microbial world that lurks in a drop of water

Feast your eyes and ears on Micro Empire, the microcinematic brainchild of Austrian filmmaker Clemens Wirth.

By attaching his DSLR to a microscope, Wirth was able to exploit an imaging technique known as dark field microscopy. This filming method not only gave Wirth front row seats to the ongoings of a world rarely seen by humans, it also allowed him to portray his microscopic subject matter against a spooky, inky-black background. Throw in some otherworldly music courtesy of Radium Audio, and you’ve got yourself the spine-tingling short film featured up top.

Says Wirth:

As an enthusiast for little things, I wanted to go deeper than the macro universe, so I found myself hanging on the eyepiece of a microscope. The real challenge was definitely the small depth of field in microscopy. It’s really fascinating how detailed this tiny world is, and unbelievable how much is going on in only one little water drop.

[Read More]

It makes you think…

Doesn’t it?

About just what you are swallowing…

The next time you raise that water bottle to your lips.

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  1. So much danger around us. Not sure how we are alive.
    I have to keep my eye on the water now, worrying I will swallow micro scoping alligator.
    Life is tough.

      • Sorry, I vanished in the tin air last night, or better said was swallowed in the drop of the water.
        I was dead tired and literary felt asleep. :D

        I’ll be very busy today. Have workers coming and some other work goodies. I’ll try to post but that’s in the air. :(

    • Hello, Sir! Thank you for the comment, loved the article! So fascinating, and with the addition of the reference articles? So enlightening! I truley enjoyed it. ;) after I discovered it, during a night of internet adventuring, along with the video I added below? They seemed destined for one another, so I had to make a post which contained them both for others to enjoy! Nature’s filters indeed, but only to a degree. Worlds exists in every drop of water, that not even the heartiest bivalve mollusks can filter. And isn’t that amazing! :D Thank you again for your reply, as well as the wonderful article!

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