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News Mash: You were born dirty & surprisingly it is to your betterment? To stay that way!

As much as so many people would like to think otherwise…

The health problems one incurs over a lifetime are NOT the result of how dirty we become, after our ‘pristine’  beginnings.

Just the opposite in fact.

[via New Scientist]IT HAS long been assumed that the fetus lives in a sterile world, protected from the countless bacteria that fill its mother’s gut and cover the surface of her body. A baby’s first gut flora was thought to be collected at birth – either from the mother’s vagina or from the environment it is born into. But it’s time for a drastic rethink: it appears that we are in fact born dirty – bacteria colonise our guts in the womb, where they begin to shape our immune systems and influence our risk of disease. What’s more, this collection of bacteria, or microbiome, could eventually be manipulated to ensure a baby is given the healthiest start in life.


The researchers are not yet sure how the bacteria find their way from mother to fetus, but it is likely that the bugs transfer via the placenta. Bacteria have previously been spotted in blood taken from the umbilical cord, which connects the fetus to the placenta (Current Microbiology, DOI: 10.1007/s00284-005-0020-3).

While the findings need to be confirmed, they suggest that a pregnant woman can influence the makeup of her baby’s microbiome before it is born. This could be the best time to do so – the first bacteria to colonise the gut are thought to influence the bacterial species that follow it.

Having the right kind of bacteria in your gut is worth working for. Altered microbiomes have been linked to a host of disorders, from irritable bowel syndrome to obesity. They could even have an effect on personality (see “Bugs in your personality“) and autism. […] [Read MoreThe WHOLE article is amazing – READ IT! ]

We are born dirty…

And our natural internal systems are precisely balanced with all of the gut flora we need to be happy, healthy and whole.

From birth.

And thanks to false information that is hammered into us from childhood (Hello, “Cleanliness is next to godliness” idiom anyone?) we will then spend the next few decades doing everything we possibly can to destroy that carefully made balance.

And once we do, and absolutely mess ourselves up medically?

We will then be forced to go to extremes to get it back.

And BOY do I mean extremes!

[via Medical Daily] A desperate Canadian man suffering from an intestinal bacterial infection after undergoing routine surgery 18 months ago gave himself a fecal enema using feces from his cousin.

The 66-year-old man from Cape Breton, who wishes to be anonymous, said that after a hospital in Sydney refused to give him the gastroenterological procedure, he decided to take matters into his own hands, according to The Chronicle Herald.

“It’s a nasty topic to discuss, but fecal transplants work, and I was not ready to wait any longer,” the man told The Chronicle Herald.

“And I’m feeling good, but my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping and praying it doesn’t come back,” he said.

Using a mixture of water and feces donated by his cousin, whose stools had been tested for blood-borne infections or parasites, the man performed the infusion in his own bathroom.  [Read More] (And it WORKED!)

Is this really the fate we all want to have to resort to…

In our pursuit of good health?

*shakes head sadly*


Obvious solution:

Stop being such a psychotic germiphobe!

That mentality is not helping you…

Just the opposite in fact.

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  1. Love the drawing of baby bacteria. So funny. ;)

    Well, it’s stunning to hear what people do for a health. Hope it will work for this man,
    Healing poo is the poo of the future. ;)

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