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News Mash: Not only do baboons read? But they will steal your puppy!

Baboons are capable of so many things…

In fact only recently, thanks to science?

We are finding out just how much!

[via LiveScience] Baboons can master one of the basic elements of reading even though they have no linguistic skills, a new study suggests.

Baboons in the study were able to differentiate between words and nonsense sequences of letters, even sometimes when they had never seen the words before, researchers reported.

“We wanted to know whether they could actually master this task, which is quite complex,” study researcher Jonathan Grainger, of Aix-Marseille University in France, told LiveScience. “Our baboon specialist thought this was going to be impossible.” […]

Brainy baboons

This result seemed to indicate that the brain processes that allow people to read are based on much more primal skills that expected. “They don’t have language and there’s no association with reading at all,” Grainger said of the baboons. When we read, “we are basically mimicking what we are doing when we recognize everyday objects, something the baboons do just as well as us.” […] [Read More]

The fact that understand, know…

And LEARN our language?

Makes me a tad concerned about their intent when it comes to mankind.

After all, how long will it take their brilliant attentions to turn from our favorite four-legged companions?

To us.

[via io9] Baboons kidnap puppies and raise them as their own

Be warned, this video starts off horribly sad, but it’s still a fascinating behavior from one of our primate cousins. Baboons in Saudi Arabia kidnap feral puppies away from their packs, bringing them up in the baboon family.

As hard as this is to watch, I wonder if our own ancestors engaged in similar behavior during the early days of dog domestication.  [Read More]

Will Baboons Kings start to kidnap US next?

You might think that is a funny question now, but just you wait…

Because soon?

They could.

9 comments on “News Mash: Not only do baboons read? But they will steal your puppy!

    • Sure, it was tough to watch, but overall? I found it pretty fascinating. Apparently some dogs DO make the transition to baboon life. Is it easy? Nope. Cause I know it sure as heck wouldn’t be for me. :? Yikes.

      • These dogs are survivors. I wasn’t sure what this documentary is about. Baboons kidnapped dogs to use them against other dogs.
        Honestly I felt like I was watching documentary about abuse victims who now live with their abductors.

      • Baboons acquired these dogs and use them very much like we use dogs today. The way that they do it in this video? probably very much the exact same way man did when he first domesticated wolves, which is largely why I found this so interesting, to see it, witness it, on THIS level. Very cool. Sad? Sure. It’s hard to watch, but still intellectually? So very interesting. ;)

      • It might be a little stretch to jump to conclusion just because baboons are doing it this way, man did it too.
        There is a difference between puppies and wolves. While I don’t doubt we as a species were violent there is a difference between us and baboons.

      • Why would that be a jump? In fact I have read numerous articles that have pretty much stated it is probably not a very big jump at all. I mean, how do you think our less than educational brethren, ancient man, began the domestication of the canine…With love and devotion? Dogs, back then, were a tool, nothing more. Only later did modern man begin to toss in emotions. And yes, there is a difference between baboons and what we are NOW, but not so much a difference to baboons and what man was back THEN.

      • Why would that be a jump? Because nobody knows what prehistoric man did. Just because baboons are doing it doesn’t make me 100% sure the humans did the same.
        This graphic is silly. For ages this idea that we evolved from the apes was hammered into us as a truth. I don’t think so. They are still trying to find a missing link but what they are discovering is there were many different types of human race.

        Emotions were part of human race from the beginning. There were articles how primitive man was burying his dead. Are baboons burying their dead? We are different species then apes and monkey.
        The question is why only our species is evolving at the speed of light? The scientists are trying so hard to make these ape into the humans telling us they can learn the language, or they can solve the mathematical problems. That will never happened.

        Of course I don’t know, I wasn’t there when it happened but I hope that primitive man was more careful with the puppies than baboons are.

      • You are absolutely right, no one was there, and there is no possible way for anyone to know how ancient man treated puppies, but one look at those guys and one can pretty well guess, not to ment if one studies what they left behind. Neanderthals/cavemen don’t look like happy, emotional weight beings at all. Their main concern was survival, emotions had little opportunity to play into that for the simple fact it couldn’t. It was just a different time. Emotions are pretty much a more modern affliction, because TODAY we can afford them, and something many of us are driven by today, but it hasn’t always been so. The harsh time made that where it was impossible. because if it weren’t? People would not have survived the bleak times due to all of the horrendous decisions which had to be made, due to broken hearts. Very much the reason why that yes, there have been papers of ancient man burying their dead (probably not so much out of love/respect, than out of necessity to ward off predators and disease…but well skip that point), there are also studies (proof) of ancient man EATING his dog… (

        Which leads me back to my original point… Emotions did not play a part in the union between dog and man, very much in the same way they are not playing a huge part between baboon and dog. With the distinction? At least the baboons are not EATING them.

        Well, yet.

        As for your last question? Oh, I have some ideas…But that would be a reply for another day when I am not having to take an INTERPOL test at work, when I have SO MUCH more time. :D I love your opinions however, very interesting to read. And just so you know? I am not 100% sold on the absolute ideas of evolution, just the opposite in fact. But as theories go, I can’t help but find all the ideas it proposes interesting to contemplate. ;) And I do, to varying degrees.

      • Interesting discussion, love it. :D

        I don’t doubt ancient man ate whatever he could put his hands on. I believe that includes his fellow man too.

        The early ages of humanity were rough time, more that we can imagine and deep emotions were unnecessary. It was literary dog eats dog world. Something to add to the article in your link…

        The documentary didn’t show baboons eating the dogs but I watched the documentary where chimpanzee were eating the rival chimpanzee tribe babies. Have to tell that was one of very disgusting/disturbing thing I saw and unfortunately still remember the scenes. So I can agree with you that primitive, ancient man was brutal.

        The human history is such a mystery. “laughs” But seriously we don’t know so much and have to relie on bones from hundreds of thousands of years or to observe the baboons behavior. There are so many minuscule pieces of puzzle but the puzzle which we want to solve is huge.
        I absolutely agree with you that every idea is worth to contemplate, we don’t know where will leads us and that is what is amazing about the process. It can open the dialogue and discussion.
        What is interesting is that there are apes and monkey and there is a modern man, what happened to the
        in-betweens? I think Neanderthals/caveman and sub hominid species got assimilated into the Homo Sapiens.
        The history of human race is always with us, we are just not aware of it.

        Would love to hear about your ideas when you are done with your Interpol test. What an interesting life you have :D

        Your opinions always inspire me to think more and I enjoy how we bounce ideas between us.

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