James Bond

Poetic Celebrity Parody – A Beer,Cold Beer, Edition!

Not shaken,  not stirred: James Bond will be drinking beer—not his signature martini—in a scene in the next big-screen 007 installment starring Daniel Craig.

As part of a global ad campaign, Craig will be throwing back a Heineken in the upcoming “Skyfall” 

Fans reaction was loud. The beer jeers got more detailed on Facebook with an overwhelmingly negative response in the comments area—though the update was also met with dozens of likes—which is, admittedly, open to interpretation. “SACRILEGE!” (sic) wrote Joshua Mallet, emphatically in all caps. David Newman, apparently deflated by the news, wrote, “Ugh”.

The most famous macho guy in the world
Known for toughness and fast cars
And licence to kill
Who has a fondness for shaken but no stirred martinis
Will drink cold beer in the next movie
Yes, you heard it right Heineken will be drink of choice for
Bond, James Bond
True sacrilege true fans decry
Nah, I know at least one fan who will cheer
When Bond, James Bond orders beer, cold beer

Just think guys
He could be seen ordering mimosas
Oh, that would totally kill his macho image
So all is good
One cold beer for one cool Bond !!!