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News Mash: When it comes to dogs, some times ‘at risk behavior’ pays off!

Much like people…

Dogs with limited self-control, or control thoroughly exhausted?

Engage in risky behavior.

[via Physorg]How do dogs behave when their ability to exert self-control is compromised? Are they more likely to approach dangerous situations or stay well away? According to a new study by Holly Miller, from the University of Lille Nord de France, and colleagues, dogs that have ‘run out’ of self-control make more impulsive decisions that put them in harm’s way. The work was just published online in Springer’s Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

To avoid danger, people often exert self-control over their behavior. When they do not and they behave more impulsively, they may unintentionally put themselves in dangerous situations e.g. pedestrians jaywalk across busy streets, children stick objects into electrical outlets, and teenagers join dangerous gangs. Miller and colleagues’ work is the first to demonstrate that this phenomenon of ‘self-control depletion’ also has significant behavioral implications in animals: mentally fatigued  do not think straight and are more likely to inadvertently subject themselves to risks that may result in physical harm.[Read More]

Drugs, drinking, gambling…

Common at risk behaviors that curse us all, even dogs apparently.

However, sometimes?

They DO pay off.

[via Weekly World News] ARCADIA, Kan. — Three winning tickets for last weekend’s record $656 million Mega Millions drawing were sold, but no person has stepped forward to claim the prize. However, one dog has.

Princess, a golden retriever-poodle mix from Arcadia, Kansas, walked into her local lottery precinct with a verified winning ticket tucked in her collar. That would hypothetically award the dog $218 million before taxes.

“We were just shocked,” said Kristie Thornbug, the clerk who verified the ticket. “The dog’s collar gives a name but doesn’t give any contact information for the people who may own the dog. As far as we know, this is the dog’s winnings.”

The dog is currently being held at the facility until any owners show up to claim it. To protect against false claims, authorities will not hand her over until visual proof, as well as papers detailing Princess’s medical check-ups and shots records are provided. [Read More]

A dog and the Mega Millions jackpot?


Cats everywhere are so mad right now!

4 comments on “News Mash: When it comes to dogs, some times ‘at risk behavior’ pays off!

  1. Hoping Princess will show self restrain and not spend all these money on expensive food, champagne and gambling.

    Why anybody would do this? It’s like gambling with $218 millions and want to lose.

    • With a name like ‘Princess’ I can imagine she is already pretty spoiled…Now? It can only get ever so much worse. She will hire a staff of squirrels to be on hand to chase whenever she gets the urge, hire a staff of mailmen to teeth on and hire a staff of cats to be forced to watch her enjoy the spoils of her weather, while not sharing any of it, while wearing matching t-shirts that say ‘Dogs rool, cats drool!’

      I have a feel, Princess will not be a humble millionaire…Nope, in fact I think she will be a real b*tch. :D

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