im cute look I swear

News Mash: The updated looks of the tyrannosaurs kinda made mute by the Titanoboa!

Although the descriptor of  “cute”…

Might be stretching it a tad?

Must admit that the T.Rex looks a heck of a lot better with feathers…

Than it does with just scales, which is the way we have always ‘seen’ it in the past.

[via io9] Hard evidence that giant tyrannosaurs were cuter than you ever thought possible

Imagine a tyrannosaur weighing one and a half tons, completely covered in soft, downy plumage. Even its tail is fluffy with feathers. Though we’ve known for a while that many dinosaurs were covered in feathers, a group of Chinese researchers have now provided direct evidence that gigantic, deadly tyrannosaurs might have looked a bit like wuffly birds. Three nearly complete, well-preserved fossils give us a glimpse of tyrannosaurs the way we’ve never seen them before.

The fossils were found in the Liaoning Province in China, in the “Yixian formation,” a package of rocks that is known to date to the early Cretaceous period. Described today in Nature magazine, the creatures are in the subgroup Tyrannosauroidea, which is part of the Therapod family that includes both the iconic T. Rex as well as winged dinosaurs who eventually evolved into today’s birds. The animals that paleontologist Xing Xu and colleagues dubbed Yutyrannus huali would have been quite large for tyrannosaurs (the largest, an adult, likely weighed almost 1.5 tons) and were probably the apex predators of their region.

The researchers write:

Most significantly, Y. huali bears long filamentous feathers, thus providing direct evidence for the presence of extensively feathered gigantic dinosaurs and offering new insights into early feather evolution.

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Though not sure this point isn’t moot.

Cause after all…

Once the Titanoboa gets through with it?

New updated cuteness of the T.Rex, or lack thereof, will no longer be a factor.

It’s the ultimate battle of the predators – the monster snake’s unbelievable power against the tyrannosaurus’ giant bite. They lived in different times and places, but if they ever met, who would win?

At least in THIS instance…

Cause a 40 foot long snake?

You have GOT to be kidding me?!

Poor wittle, itty-bitty, precious T.Rex, at least in my opinion…

Stand NO chance.

And now that I can picture it all fluffy and cute?

I feel really bad about it!

14 comments on “News Mash: The updated looks of the tyrannosaurs kinda made mute by the Titanoboa!

  1. It strange to feel sorry for T.Rex, but if I imagine him as a giant chicken somehow is easier. That Titanoboa thingy is creepy and unnecessary for this post.
    40 foot snake… Hahahaha
    The scream I would have would still echo through the million of years.
    Thanks Mother Nature that she discarded that monster before my time.

    Great post. Thank you. ;)

    • What? Oh sure it was necessary. Rounded it off perfectly! The fact that it probably freaked you out a bit, thanks to your snake phobia?

      Purely a side benny :D though an enjoyable one.

      And yes, anytime…You’re welcome.

      • Ok

        I sucked it up and watched. It was actually very interesting and not scary at all.
        It was a cartoon.
        You are losing your touch, dear. :P

      • I don’t think so. Especially since it was exactly what I said it was. Plus, where am I gonna find real pictures of Titanoboa? Since they only live in Canada now, feeding off of Canadians, it makes it hard for a Texas girl to get a hold of one. :D

      • Hahaha

        Yes, it is easier for a Texan girl to find spider than a Titanoboa.
        They live in Canada? huh,
        I know that. They famously live in all of the provinces except one.
        Wanna guess which province doesn’t have Titanoboa? One guess?
        Mine. “facepalm”

      • Yeah, no kidding. Can’t walk a couple of feet outside without being surrounded by spiders. *whispers* “They are everywhere.”

        And one guess huh? See I know you are gonna say yours, but that is what ALL provinces think. They think Titanoboa will never happen to them? Until the day it comes up from the very earth it hides, hunts and dwells in, and swallows them whole. The denial? Its so sad really, but hey…Whatever helps you Canadians sleep at night :D

      • And how do you sleep knowing spiders are everywhere?
        Aren’t you afraid you will wake up in a cocoon unable to move or to open your mouth to scream with spiders legs moving all over you? With their small black beady eyes without mercy focusing on you?
        Tell me how you can sleep? :D

      • Hmmm

        You might try to close your mouth when you sleep. That could help.
        But then you would have to duck tape your nostrils, so no spiders crawl in there.
        Yeah, try that. You will sleep like a baby. :D
        You see, I have no way to escape if the big Titanoboa opens its huge mouth and swallows me while I am sleeping.
        I am taking huge risk just to have some rest.

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