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News Mash: Thanks to divisive political beliefs, ants can do what people cannot. Be altruistic!


Apparently get ethical practices lost on man.

And,a s a result? Are the ultimate example of the practice of altruism in nature, in the face of adversity.

[via Scientific American]In the 2011 blockbuster thriller Contagion, a virus infects and kills 26 million people around the world. But even those who evade the virus are infected with something else: crippling fear. To contain the outbreak, the military imposes a quarantine. People stay indoors, refusing to interact with anyone outside their families. Touching anyone or anything becomes a risk, because the virus lingers everywhere.

Ants do things differently. When a deadly fungus infects an ant colony, the healthy insects do not necessarily ostracize their sick nest mates. Instead, they welcome the contagious with open arms—or, rather, open mouths—often licking their neighbors to remove the fungal spores before the pathogens sprout and grow. Apparently, such grooming dilutes the infection, spreading it thinly across the colony. Instead of leaving their infected peers to deal with the infection on their own and die, healthy ants share the burden, deliberately infecting everyone in the colony with a tiny dose of fungus that each individual’s immune system can clear on its own. Such “social immunization” also primes the immune systems of healthy ants to battle the infection. These are the conclusions of a new study in the April 3 issue of PLoS Biology.[Read More] [Andrey Pavlov]

As opposed to your know…

People, like say Americans?

Who have extremely divisive political beliefs.

Beliefs that when practiced?

Any acts of altruism can NOT feasibly exist, no matter any extreme circumstances.

[via Science Blog]  Empathy Doesn’t Extend Across the Political Aisle

When we try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we usually go all the way, assuming that they feel the same way we do. But a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that we have limits: we don’t extend this projection to people who have different political views, even under extreme circumstances.

The researchers chose to examine political differences because of the big divide perceived between people on opposing sides, as shown by earlier research. We can look beyond someone having a different gender or being from a different country, but if you’re a Democrat and someone else is a Republican, that person seems extremely different. “Political values are emotionally charged. People get really fired up,” says Ed O’Brien of the University of Michigan, who cowrote the study with Phoebe C. Ellsworth.

They were actually interested in the question of how we project visceral states. These are strong internal states that we want badly to change. For example, in one study, the researchers approached people who were waiting for a bus in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the winter. These people, it can be safely assumed, were cold.

Usually, visceral states are so overwhelming that people project them onto others: If I’m cold, you must be cold too. But the researchers set out to test just how far this effect extends. [Read More]

And because this is true…

At least when it comes to one contemplating the lives of ants?

Probably a good thing they are not subjected to political parties.

We should all be so lucky.

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  1. I know there was a reason I like ants.Isn’t it amazing how nature takes care of its people in this case ants. There is this elegant, efficient thinking how to solve the problems. To share them with your people until the problem=infection became so small everybody can deal individually with it. fantastic. We should learn something form ants.
    Love them. :D

    • I thought this absolutely fantastic! Nature ‘wows’ me on a regular basis and just when I think it could, in no way, BE any cooler? I discover stuff like this and am amazed. Can you ever imagine the human race doing anything even remotely similar for ANY reason?

      *shakes head sadly*

      Nope. Me either. The fact that I can’t? Totally why when its Mother Nature vs Man, MN, WINS! every time. :)

      • We behave like we are not mother nature’s creature. Who knows maybe we are not. We do so many things against the nature that it’s not really normal behavior.

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