BOSS Gif – Cutting Trees Is An Art, Edition!

This is how the firewood is made

With precision and fun.


Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro – Skidsteer Firewood Processor.

The HFP160 is the first skid-steer mounted processor that, when attached to just about any skid steer loader with at least 20 gpm auxiliary hydraulic flow, can pick up a log, move it to a pile, conveyor, or truck, cut into firewood lengths and split the blocks into 4, 6, or 8 pieces. All functions are performed from the seat of the skid-steer loader so only one man and one machine is required to do the job that normally takes 2 to 3 people and a couple of pieces of equipment.

Like a BOSS

Palin vs Behar

Poetic Celebrity Parody – Palin vs Behar, Edition!

Chatting with her co-hosts on The ViewTuesday, Joy Behar fretted that the 31-year-old star, expecting her first child imminently with fiance Eric Johnson, has packed on too many pounds, calling the mom-to-be “fat.”

Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, meanwhile, had a totally different take.

“I would have wanted to punch [Jessica’s critics] in the neck,” mother of four Palin, 48, told Matt Lauer on TODAY Tuesday morning. “It’s none of anybody else’s business how much weight I would gain.”

Pregnancy is fun, right
Only thing mother-to-be has to do
Is to carry baby for nine months
Gets swollen ankles
And strange food cravings
Then going through the actual birth
During pregnancy mother-to-be goes through many changes
And sometimes oh, my gawd
Sometimes she gains some weight
So it’s perfectly fine to call her fat
Fat, fat, fat
Even better is to call her fat
On the national TV
By another woman
Brave Joy Behar
I am with Palin on this one
My body, my pregnancy
My weight gain is nobody’s business!!!


minus the bug parts

News Mash: Dark chocolate is good for you, just minus the bug parts!

About to twist your arm here…

Are you ready?

Chocolate is good for you…

Especially dark chocolate, so?

(Exert arm twisting here>>>>>) Eat more of it!

[via NaturalNews]Three benefits of dark chocolate that will help you lose weight

1. Reduce insulin resistance with dark chocolate

Insulin, which is released by the pancreas when blood sugar rises, has the job of escorting blood glucose into the cells. Repeated release of insulin due to too much sugary food causes the cells to develop resistance to insulin preventing it from doing its job and depriving the cells of needed nutrition. Now the body fears starvation, calls for more food and signals a need to store fat to protect against starvation. The result? Weight gain.

Substituting dark chocolate for some of the sugary foods may help reduce insulin resistance. […]

2. Chocolate helps stop food cravings

Reductions in food cravings between meals can help prevent overeating and this means foods that promote feelings of fullness can be important for weight loss. Once again healthy dark chocolate may be part of the answer. A study from Denmark reviewed in a 2008 edition ofScience Dailyfound that dark chocolate, compared to milk chocolate, was more filling and also lessened cravings for unhealthy foods. […]

3. Chocolate reduces stress and cortisol levels

Stress triggers release of cortisol which causes the body to secrete more insulin leading to overeating. In a 2009 study published in theJournal of Proteome Research, 30 subjects who suffered from anxiety consumed 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate daily for two weeks. Urinalysis showed a resulting reduction in the excretion of cortisol prompting the scientists to conclude chocolate can alter human metabolism.[Read More]

And just in case you are one of those people…

Who has always suffered from a chocolate allergy?

BOy, do I have some good news for YOU!

That ‘chocolate allergy’ you always assumed you had?

Yeah, probably not so much.

What you were more than likely allergic to…

Was all the roach parts IN the chocolate you ate.

[via LiveScience] Most people who are allergic to chocolate aren’t having a reaction to cocoa or any of chocolate’s other official ingredients. No, the flare ups are most likely triggered by the ground-up cockroach parts that contaminate every batch.

According to ABC News, the average chocolate bar contains eight insect parts. Anything less than 60 insect pieces per 100 grams of chocolate (two chocolate bars’ worth) is deemed safe for consumption by the Food and Drug Administration. [Read More]

Trick is?

Finding chocolate WITHOUT roach parts in it, but if you ever do?

You are golden to reap the rewards of chocolate.


Good luck with that.

*shakes head sadly*

political hate

News Mash: Thanks to divisive political beliefs, ants can do what people cannot. Be altruistic!


Apparently get ethical practices lost on man.

And,a s a result? Are the ultimate example of the practice of altruism in nature, in the face of adversity.

[via Scientific American]In the 2011 blockbuster thriller Contagion, a virus infects and kills 26 million people around the world. But even those who evade the virus are infected with something else: crippling fear. To contain the outbreak, the military imposes a quarantine. People stay indoors, refusing to interact with anyone outside their families. Touching anyone or anything becomes a risk, because the virus lingers everywhere.

Ants do things differently. When a deadly fungus infects an ant colony, the healthy insects do not necessarily ostracize their sick nest mates. Instead, they welcome the contagious with open arms—or, rather, open mouths—often licking their neighbors to remove the fungal spores before the pathogens sprout and grow. Apparently, such grooming dilutes the infection, spreading it thinly across the colony. Instead of leaving their infected peers to deal with the infection on their own and die, healthy ants share the burden, deliberately infecting everyone in the colony with a tiny dose of fungus that each individual’s immune system can clear on its own. Such “social immunization” also primes the immune systems of healthy ants to battle the infection. These are the conclusions of a new study in the April 3 issue of PLoS Biology.[Read More] [Andrey Pavlov]

As opposed to your know…

People, like say Americans?

Who have extremely divisive political beliefs.

Beliefs that when practiced?

Any acts of altruism can NOT feasibly exist, no matter any extreme circumstances.

[via Science Blog]  Empathy Doesn’t Extend Across the Political Aisle

When we try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we usually go all the way, assuming that they feel the same way we do. But a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that we have limits: we don’t extend this projection to people who have different political views, even under extreme circumstances.

The researchers chose to examine political differences because of the big divide perceived between people on opposing sides, as shown by earlier research. We can look beyond someone having a different gender or being from a different country, but if you’re a Democrat and someone else is a Republican, that person seems extremely different. “Political values are emotionally charged. People get really fired up,” says Ed O’Brien of the University of Michigan, who cowrote the study with Phoebe C. Ellsworth.

They were actually interested in the question of how we project visceral states. These are strong internal states that we want badly to change. For example, in one study, the researchers approached people who were waiting for a bus in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the winter. These people, it can be safely assumed, were cold.

Usually, visceral states are so overwhelming that people project them onto others: If I’m cold, you must be cold too. But the researchers set out to test just how far this effect extends. [Read More]

And because this is true…

At least when it comes to one contemplating the lives of ants?

Probably a good thing they are not subjected to political parties.

We should all be so lucky.

you hear the boom

News Mash: How you like your music has a lot to do with intrinsic life choices…

When it comes to how you like your music?

It all comes down to a simple case…

Of personal ‘rathers’.

Such as?

Would you RATHER, via a simple hand gesture…

Play music at your request.

[via Technology Review] When Navneet Dalal listens to music on his computer, he doesn’t want any keyboard taps or mouse-button clicks to interrupt the experience. He’d rather just hold up an open palm to play or pause the tunes.

Dalal is cofounder of Flutter, a startup that offers simple software that lets users control ordinary computer apps with such simple gestures. Flutter emerges as gesture controls are becoming increasingly popular on consumer devices: Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor brought it to the Xbox, and the company now sells a Kinect for Windows setup that encourages users to build applications using the technology. Samsung, meanwhile, has added it to some of its TVs.

Unlike existing gesture-control software that is only available on certain devices or that requires special hardware, Flutter harnesses a regular webcam. Anyone can download the free software, which was released in a public “alpha” testing phase last month (it’s currently available just for Macs). Flutter users can control the play and pause functions on iTunes and Spotify by holding up a flat, open palm. [Read More]


Would you RATHER…

Be serenaded via your creepy Robot Overlords.

Four of Drexel’s HUBO robots perform the Beatles’ “Come Together” in a demonstration that combines cutting-edge engineering technology and research with creative expression, produced by the Music & Entertainment Technology Laboratory (MET-lab). The HUBOs are operating autonomously (not human-controlled). Their movements are directed by student-developed software to perform the gestures necessary to produce the appropriate notes and beats as dictated by a musical score. Every sound in the video was performed by the robots.

MET-lab student Matthew Prockup created the musical arrangement for drum kit and three “Hubophones”, novel percussion instruments designed and constructed by the lab for this performance.

HUBO was designed and developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST) Hubo Lab (Dr. Jun Ho Oh, Director). Drexel Engineering kicked-off National Engineers Week by unveiling seven HUBO humanoids at an unprecedented showcase event on February 20, 2012. Their presence at Drexel is part of a large collaborative project with KAIST and seven other U.S. universities with the goal of rapidly advancing humanoids research.

More information:…

Of course I know which I would choose…

But since we all can’t be me?

I thought I would pose the question to you.

So tell me…

What is your RATHER?

Just thinking about…

The sheer, horrifying possibilities of it all?

Brings an eerie tune to mind.

One I could not, NOT create…

[via io9]The music created by your brain waves could score a horror film

Masaki Batoh — formerly of the Japanese experimental rock band Ghost — has recorded an album using a “brain pulse machine” (BPM) that translates brain waves into weirdly haunting and disturbing tones.

Wired‘s Angela Watercutter describes the device:

The unusual musical instrument, which [Batoh] had developed and built by a company called MKC, consists of… strange-looking headgear and a motherboard […]. Brain waves are picked up from the parietal and frontal lobes, then sent by radio waves to the motherboard, which converts the radio waves into a wave pulse that is output as sound.

The BPM Machine’s bizarre goggles have indicator lamps synchronized with the motherboard so the performer can see their brain’s musical output. Batoh said it takes practice to learn how to control one’s mind in a way that produces a pleasing sound. […]

[Read More]


If I tried.


Music, it seems is intrinsically created in us all.

And HORROR music, at that.



my guy

Aporia Politico: Russia has wonderful relations with the U.S… In so many more ways than one!

It’s not just some people (with political agendas)…

Who are saying it: ” Working with comrade Obama has been the ‘best three years’ for U.S.-Russian relations in a long time!”

But lame duck Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.

[via HotAir] Throughout the 2008 campaign Barack Obama promised that if elected he would ‘restore our standing’ in the world. I’m not sure all of our allies feel the same way, but as far as Russia is concerned: mission accomplished.

My colleague Barack Obama and I have once again had a constructive discussion of the various issues on the international agenda and on bilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States.

I said that although there are varying assessments of the reset in relations that has been much spoken about over these last three years, I think that we have accomplished very useful work over this time. These have perhaps been the best three years in relations between our two countries over the last decade.

This is an excerpt from prepared remarks delivered by outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev at the close of the nuclear security summit in South Korea at the beginning of this week. So in a way it’s old news – in Russia – where the highlighted statement by Medvedev was splashed across numerous headlines. But curiously, there was nary a mention of it in the U.S. media. You’d think this sort of lavish praise for President Obama would be considered newsworthy, if for no other reason that the statement was also an implicit criticism of the Bush Administration. Was our media too busy covering (up) Obama’s ‘hot mic’ gaffe to mention this? Because if anything the president’s gaffe makes this statement by Medvedev even morenewsworthy. Since it clearly suggests that the Russian government would relish the prospect of even more ‘flexibility’ under a second Obama term.  [Read More]

Not really a whole lot one can say…

When it comes to the drastically IMPROVED present US/Russian relationship, but?

“Pffft, no kidding.”

[via Weekly World News] Russian spy Anna Chapman was out to sexually ensnare a member of President Obama’s cabinet – and she succeeded!

The FBI’s counterintelligence chief told a BBC interviewer that Chapman was getting “very close” to high ranking leadership in the Obama Administration.

“They were close enough to a sitting U.S. cabinet member that we though we could no longer allow this to continue,” reportedly said C. Frank Figliuzzi, the assistant FBI director for counterintelligence, according to sources.  . That alleged — repeat: alleged — sexual “closeness” prompted Figliuzzi’s agents to shift from monitoring Chapman’s crew of ten spies to arresting them in 2010.

Figliuzzi doesn’t say which “serving” cabinet official was shtupping, or almost shtupping, Anna Chapman. It would be irresponsible to speculate. But it’s so, so, so hard not to.   Luckily, Vice President Joe Biden spilled the beans and put an end to the speculation.

“It was me!  I was the one close to Anna  I love Russia!” Biden reportedly told reporters in Kalamazoo.   Many inside the White House and outside the White House doubt that Joe was intimate with Anna but Biden insists.

“I love Russian spies. That’s my thing,” Biden reportedly told a waitress in Peoria.  He even told Jay Leno about his affair. [Read More] [And…if you are THIS bored? Here’s the ‘rest of the story’! But who wants that?!]

And, Bill Clinton?


So jealous right now!

sadness flies away

It feels so good to hurt so bad, for where there is a bird of sadness? There are too, wings of joy!

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.”
~St. Francis of Assisi

[Source] [Gizmodo]

“You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair”
~Chinese Proverbs