the eyes are the mirror of the soul

News Mash: When it comes to the dangers of technology? It’s all about an escalation of behavioral understanding!

Artificially created life will soon be able to be mass produced.





By your inkjet printer no less.

[via Physorg]Researchers from Clemson University have found a way to create temporary holes in the membranes of live cells using a standard inkjet printer. The method will be published in JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, on March 16.

“We first had the idea for this method when we wanted to be able to visualize changes in the cytoskeleton arrangement due to applied forces on cells,” said paper-author Dr. Delphine Dean.

She said other researchers have been using this method to print cells onto slides, but that they have only recently discovered that printing the cells causes the  in their membranes for a few hours. Creating temporary  allow researchers to put molecules inside of cells that wouldn’t otherwise fit, and study how the cells react.

“The authors have used an extremely innovative approach for bioprinting cells. Moreover, this approach can be used for applications other than cell printing,” said JoVE Science Editor, Dr. Nandita Singh. “Matrix proteins can be printed onto  with this technique for cell patterning. This JoVE publication will make this approach simple and approachable and enable other labs to replicate the procedure.”

The printer is modified by removing the paperfeed mechanism and adding a “stage” from which to feed the slides. The ink is replaced with a cell solution, and the cells are printed directly on to the slides. [Read More]


Can only devolve badly for us humans.

“This is nothing to worry about. It’s no problem…It can’t bleed like we do. Life is blood. So it’s not real,,” You say.

Oh really?

Cause um, oops.


It now kinda is.

[via PopSci] New Plastic Bleeds Red When Scratched, Then Heals Itself Like Skin [That’s not creepy! *nods head sadly*]

Self-healing materials will eventually fix anything from cell phone screens to car fenders, enabling surfaces to heal on their own in the presence of different types of light. But none of the earlier prototypes we’ve seen work quite like this new plastic: It bleeds red at the site of injury. Then it heals itself, inspired by the properties of tree trunks and human skin.

Marek W. Urban from the University of Southern Mississippi presented a paper on his new co-polymer at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting in San Diego Monday. When it scratches or tears, a red splotch forms around the “wound,” marking the site. [Read More]

Not only that, but it HEALS itself.


We have never seen the dangerous of giving synthetic organisms THAT power on TV/Movies or anything.


All good.

Synthetic life and natural life CAN co-exist.

And more than likely, one day?

It will.

[via LiveScience] As technology continues to improve, humanlike robots will likely play an ever-increasing role in our lives: They may become tutors for children, caretakers for the elderly, office receptionists or even housemaids. Children will come of age with these androids, which naturally raises the question: What kind of relationships will kids build with personified robots?

Children will view humanoid robots as intelligent social and moral beings, allowing them to develop substantial and meaningful relationships with the machines, new research suggests.

Researchers analyzed the interactions between nearly 100 children and Robovie, a 3-foot-tall (0.9 meters) robot developed by the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute in Japan. In the study, two technicians controlled Robovie remotely from another room, leading the children to believe that the robot was autonomous. The researchers imparted humanlike behavior to the robot, such as having Robovie claim unfair treatment when he was told to go into the closet at the end of the interaction sessions.

Follow-up interviews with the children showed that the kids believed Robovie had mental states, such as being intelligent and having feelings, and was a social entity capable of being a friend and confidante. Many of the children also believed that Robovie deserved fair treatment and should not be psychologically harmed.  [Read More]

But make NO mistake about…

Even artificial life that mimics natural life is not real.

It lacks something.

[via LiveScience] As the cheesy pickup line suggests, your eyes may really be the window to your soul. According to a new study by Yale University psychologists, most people intuitively feel as if their “self” — otherwise known as their soul, or ego — exists in or near their eyes.

In three experiments, the researchers probed preschoolers’ and adults’ intuitions about the precise location of the self in the body. The participants were shown pictures of cartoon characters, and in each picture a small object (a buzzing fly or snowflake) was positioned near a different section of the character’s body (face or torso or feet, etc.), always at the same distance away.

The study participants were then asked which pictures showed the object closest to the body, the hypothesis being that people would interpret the object as closest when it was near what they intuitively believed to be the soul’s location.

As reported earlier this month in the journal Cognition, the vast majority of the 4-year-olds and adults in the study thought the object was closest to the character when it was near the character’s eyes. This was true even when the cartoon character was a green-skinned alien whose eyes were on its chest rather than in its head – suggesting that it was the eyes, rather than the brain, that seemed most closely tied to the soul.[…] [Read More]


No matter what anyone says…

It always will.

Though it comforts those who pursue this technology to believe that which constitutes the very essence of life?

Can be so easily replicated and replaced.


*paging  John Connor, paging…John Connor*

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  1. Love the post. So many interesting information to think about. Future will be so different then the present. I am sure there will be one race mixed from real life and synthetic life. They will feel quite superior looking at us. it will artificial life based on humanity. Feels like sf story. We are doomed. “cries”

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