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Poetic Celebrity Parody – Your Face Looks Like A Booty!

You once were quite ‘Charmed’
With the bloom of natural beauty;
However, your plastic surgery has sufficiently harmed,
And made your face look like a booty.


5 comments on “Poetic Celebrity Parody – Your Face Looks Like A Booty!

    • Yes…I used to love to watch her when she played one of the sisters on the show ‘Charmed’. Now? She is pretty damn terrifying to look at. *sigh* Proof that once again, I do not understand the rational of celebrities and the seemingly ever present need to look like aliens from outerspace, as opposed to having a couple of wrinkles. I honestly do not get their train of thought at ALL.

      • What I think is … They all compete for the same roles. Their agents and handlers tell them they have to have the right look which in their deluded heads means to look similar. These actresses all look alike. I am getting confused who is who. It’s like a sf horror movie. Worst than zombies.

      • How many actresses, that have THIS sorta face, do you see in TV shows/movies? None. None is the answer because NO ONE wants to see anyone look like a freak of nature. Too distracting. So, if these idiots are listening to their agents/handlers to make themselves look like this? I feel no sympathy. This is what they deserve for acting like idiots, listening to someone else when all one has to do is pick up a magazine in order to know that this extent of plastic surgery NEVER works out well.

      • It’s true what you are saying. They all look like freaks and they don’t work. Maybe it is something else.
        I don’t have explanation except they don’t have mirror and deep down they are stupid. Probably they didn’t come to understanding that we all age and lose our looks. Hollywood is one dark place.

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