Your jobs in danger, son!

Drop The Ball: Thanks to Peyton Manning? Jobs are lost!

When it comes to dealing with Peyton Manning…

Posting some of the stuff he does online?

Is not the only way he will cost you your job!

[via Sports Yahoo] It was a good thing Peyton Manning left such a nice tip for his server at the Angus Barn because it was one of the last the server would ever receive at the Raleigh, N.C., steakhouse.

According to the Triangle Business Journal, a server at the restaurant was fired after posting a photograph of the generous tip Manning left on a $625 bill. The restaurant included its own 18 percent gratuity, bringing the tab to about $739, and Manning added another $200 on top — roughly -a 50 percent tip. “Jon” was terminated by restaurant owner Van Eure for violating the restaurant’s privacy policy.


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Cause forget that whole damaged-nerve-that-caused-weakness-in-his-right-arm-and-required-multiple-neck-surgeries thing, because apparently?

Peyton Manning just making an appearance means…

[via Denver.CBSLocalDENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos want Peyton Manning to sign a contract with the team this weekend before he even visits with other teams who are interested in him.

The legendary quarterback met with Denver Broncos executive John Elway and head coach John Fox to discuss the potential of signing with the team.

A plane carrying Manning and Elway landed at Centennial Airport at about 1:30 p.m. Friday.

From there, an SUV took them to Broncos Headquarters and Training Facility Dove Valley where their meeting continued for another five hours.

They mainly discussed the offense and the fact that they are more than willing to turn it over to Manning.

The future Hall of Famer also took a tour of the facilities at Dove Valley.

Money doesn’t seem to be an issue for the Broncos because they have cap room and are willing to pay.

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Oh, Tebow…

If not ONLY that?

You just lost it.

chill pill

News Mash: As if they didn’t have a drug for everything already? You better believe they do now!

The United States has become a nation full of pill poppers… (See articles here, here and here!)

A fact that largely comes as the result of a group of ‘really smart people’ attempting to find artificial, unnatural cures to naturally off-balanced problems by creating a pill/drug which will magically cure *insert whatever you want here because EVERYTHING applies*.

However it is this push through artificial means that comes, more often than not, at the expense of our souls.

Cause really, LSD for example, as a treatment for anything, much less alcohol…


Please tell me I am not the only one that sees the problem here.

[via Nature] The powerful hallucinogen LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) has potential as a treatment for alcoholism, according to a retrospective analysis of studies published in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The study1, by neuroscientist Teri Krebs and clinical psychologist Pål-Ørjan Johansen of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, is the first-ever quantitative meta-analysis of LSD–alcoholism clinical trials. The researchers sifted through thousands of records to collect data from randomized, double-blind trials that compared one dose of LSD to a placebo.

Of 536 participants in six trials, 59% of people receiving LSD reported lower levels of alcohol misuse, compared to 38% of people who received a placebo. “We were surprised that the effect was so clear and consistent,” says Krebs. She says that the problem with most studies done at that time was that there were too few participants, which limited statistical power. “But when you combine the data in a meta-analysis, we have more than 500 patients and there is definitely an effect,” she says. In general, the reported benefits lasted three to six months. Their findings are published today in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. [Read More]

And as if that wasn’t insane enough…

I have an even better artificial “cure through chemistry” for you!


Yeah, apparently there is a pill for that now.

[via Gizmodo] Racism-Curing Pills Are Apparently a Thing Now?

Researchers at Oxford University claim to have discovered a “cure” for racism, in pill form. It only (supposedly!) stamps out biologically-inherent discrimination, apparently, so if someone’s been Clockwork Oranged into a life of hate, maybe it won’t be so helpful. But, to repeat: RACISM-CURING PILL.

Propranolol is a beta-blocker that’s used to reduce blood pressure, but the Oxford study found that it has the peripheral side effect of reducing subconscious racism, which is triggered by the autonomic nervous system. The study took 36 white males and gave half 40mg of Propranolol, and half a placebo. Then after two hours they were made to categorize words like “happy” and “evil,” and also black and white people’s faces. There was a statistically relevant enough difference in the groups to lead the scientists to believe that the drug can actually have an effect on racial bias. [Read More]

Uh huh.


And if you believe that?


I have some wonderful beach front property in Arizona to sell you.

you are what you eat

News Mash: Pink Slime…Its not just for breakfast anymore!

Can’t help but find it slightly ironic…

That the same group of people (The Fed – Food Police) who have been fiercely monitoring the food you eat, while attempting to direct your child’s eating habits through a series of legal crackdowns to fight against the promotion of unhealthy eats?

Yeah, well they have recently bought 7 million pounds of pink slime to feed your children in their school lunches to save money during these tough economic times.

Nom. Nom.

*shakes head sadly* 

[via Blaze] School lunch programs have been in the spotlight recently. Just last week, the Blaze posted two stories about a North Carolina school where the food police were aggressively monitoring lunches that parents give to their children. Earlier this year, First Lady Michelle Obama lead a very public campaign to announce that healthier foods would be coming to school cafeterias and military mess halls.

Today, many parents will be questioning the wisdom of a government-controlled school lunch program. Why? Because the Feds have announced that the USDA is buying seven million pounds of something that is affectionately known as “pink slime.”

The seven million pounds of this frankenmeat product purchased by the USDA is not a new addition to the lunch programs in schools, just a substantial increase. The New York Times reported that in 2009 the U.S. government purchased 5.5 million pounds of the stuff. [Read More]

And before you bust out with any well-deserved justifiable outrage…

Thought I would just point out that more than likely?

Oh, you too have consumed this amazing, edible concoction of for awhile now.

How healthy do YOU feel right about now?


[via LifeHacker] Make Sure You’re Actually Buying Beef When You’re Buying Beef

By now you may have heard of a problem where beef waste products—lovingly called “pink slime”—are being processed and, according to ABC News, sold as actual actual meat in most supermarkets. […]

The “pink slime” is created by taking fat waste, simmering it at a low heat to separate any muscle from the fat, processing the separate muscle with ammonia, and then shipping it in a frozen brick to supermarkets to be added to the beef you buy. The product was previously only used in dog foods and cooking oil, as a dog’s stomach can handle it, but now we’re eating it, too.  [Read More]


A DOG’S STOMACH can handle it…


Probably not so much.

With that said?

I must now retreat to the bathroom and do my best to belch this bile by-product of our present flailing economy…

Which leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, and now?

In more ways than one.

2012 Presidential Election

Aporia Politico: Always wear a seat belt when voting!

Presidential elections are dirty, nasty things.

Horror shows filled with outright lies, vicious, relentless attacks and insidious corruption…

And because they are, and from parties on BOTH sides?

Come on…

You know as well as I do that one party isn’t really all that better/different from the other.

They BOTH suck severely…

And yet?

There can be only one.

[via Rasmussen Reports] The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 25% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -19 (see trends).

Looking at Tuesday’s upcoming primaries, the GOP race in Alabama is essentially a three-way tie, while Mitt Romney leads by eight in Mississippi.   Nationally, Romney now leads Rick Santorum by 12 points.  Regardless of who they want to win, 80% of Republican Primary Voters nationwide believe Romney will be the party’s nominee.

With the perception growing that he will be the GOP nominee, Romney leads President Obama by five points in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Today’s numbers show Romney at 48%, Obama at 43%. That’s Romney’s largest lead since December. Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update).

If Santorum is the Republican nominee, he is up by one point over the president, 46% to 45%.[Read More]

Presidential elections are like slow, fatal car accidents in progress…

Where you know what you are about to see will be horrific, and probably pretty disgusting, to watch, and yet?

You just can’t turn away.

[via jalopnikWhy are we so captivated by car crashes?

Recently, Chinese authorities created a horribly graphic accident compilation video from surveillance cameras to encourage safe driving. Over 12 million Chinese watched it online. Now it’s making the rounds here. Why are people so obsessed with car crashes?


People love watching car crash videos, especially ones where we’re assured no one is seriously hurt. But this Chinese crash video? Like others before it, they seem to attract more attention when there’s some pain involved. And in the case of this graphic video, there’s a lot of pain to go around — it’s basically a snuff film. So why does this particular video engender so many viewers?

On the surface there’s the concept of morbid curiosity. In fact, it’s become a common phrase when describing something so awful you can’t look away from it as being “like a car accident.”

According to Roland Maiuro, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington, we tend to look at car accidents because “The accident provides a close encounter without yourself being directly involved being put at risk.” [Read More]

But the sad point here, when it comes to Presidential elections?

We are all at risk.

Though it may be true that these horrific political elections are fun to watch because we are NOT directly involved in the horror…

We are most definitely directly effected by their outcome.

What am I trying to say here?

That’s simple…

Always wear a seat belt when voting.

Uh, er…

No wait, that can’t be it.

sometimes life has a way

No matter what life has in store for you, never forget? To always look up!

“I have had my dream — like others —
and it has come to nothing, so that
I remain now carelessly
with feet planted on the ground
and look up at the sky.”
~William Carlos Williams


“Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.”
~Henry Van Dyke