sloth vs spider fly

News Mash: Can the cuteness that is ‘sloth in pajamas’ kill the fear that is ‘spider fly’?!

One of the things I dislike MOST about spiders?

Their super creepy, hairy, long reaching, jointed legs.

Just walking them walk?

Gives me the shivers.

And now?

Oh, joyous day, this exists…

Spider Fly.

[via GizmodoFlying Spider or Spider Fly, I Don’t Care: I Really Hate This Bug

Look at this disgusting thing. They just discovered this horrible flying thing along with other three other new species of Australsian spider flies. This is the first one that looks as horrible as this one, with its shiny blue jewel body and spider legs. [Read More]


Why does Mother Nature hate me so…

W H Y?!

Need a quick cute fix to wash away any thoughts of that horror.

Meet the Sloths
UK Premiere Sunday 4th March, 8.00pm
Animal Planet and Animal Planet HD

In a sleepy corner of Costa Rica there is a very peculiar but extraordinary sanctuary. Run by Judy Avey-Arroyo for 20 years, this is the only sanctuary in the world devoted to saving orphaned and injured sloths, and is home to over 160 of them, some of whom have become an internet sensation.

Ah, okay…


Baby sloths in pajama-like suits.

I feel ever s much better now.

However, Kristen Bell?

Probably just died.

It is a worry, so I’m just sayin’.

3 comments on “News Mash: Can the cuteness that is ‘sloth in pajamas’ kill the fear that is ‘spider fly’?!

  1. Hahaha

    Well, you like scary things. :D

    The sloths are cute. There is a gif with them and I almost posted it today.
    Between you getting scared and Kristen Bell hmm excited I am so glad there were no snakes here. Being headless frozen chicken doesn’t look good on me. :D

      • Hahaha

        I was hoping for that, so I could be all scared and full of fears. Bwhahahaha :D

        I watched a show this morning about garden snakes and felt frozen only half of the time. Yay, improvement. :P

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