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News Mash: Brain power? Zombies help you work it out!

Exercise & running.

Come on now, don’t grimace.

You know, as well as I know, that it is so good for you; however, just because it is indeed good for us…

Making our brains all nice and spiking with energy!?

[via Gizmodo] Exercise Makes You Smarter By Giving Your Brain Extra Energy

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, and studies have previously shown that it can boost learning and even stave off dementia in later life—though nobody knew why.

New research suggests, though, that it’s because the brain takes advantage of energy delivery systems just as much as your muscles.

When you exercise, your muscles create something called mitochondria—tiny structures in cells that provide the body with energy. It turns out brain cells also get a boost in mitochoindira when you exercise, according to research, which appears in the Journal of Applied Physiology, by J. Mark Davis, a physiologist at the University of South Carolina. [Read More]

That does not mean we can ALL be inspired to do it.

Some of us?

Just need that extra bit of motivation, to get us going.

For these people, I give you…


[via New Scientist] You’re in a helicopter flying over a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested wasteland, heading towards a small outpost of survivors known as Abel Township. Your mission is top secret. All of a sudden, a figure appears out of the woods toting a rocket launcher and shoots your aircraft down.

You survive the crash, but hordes of undead are closing in on you from all sides, eager to taste your flesh. There’s only one option: you’ve got to run. Run for your life.

This might sound like the opening sequence of the latest George A. Romero flick, or possibly even the start of some zombie shoot ‘em up game, but it’s actually the opening of a new iPhone sports app designed to help you run faster and for longer. The principle is simple: convince yourself you’re being chased by zombies, gain a quick adrenalin boost, run faster.

Zombies, Run! is primarily an immersive audio experience. You pop in your headphones, open the app on your iPhone and go for a run. While running, you listen to an intricate story written by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, detailing your adventures trying to escape the marauding zombie hordes which now dominate the landscape.


While you’re out running, your progress is monitored and the sound of the undead groaning in pursuit is played through your headphones. As the zombies get closer, the sound gets louder and the groans become ever more chilling.

You have to run faster to escape. [Read More]


Run for your lives (making your brains all super-charged and juicy!), you lazy bums, you!

R U N!

Cause if the thought of zombies munching on your brains doesn’t get you all up and running (FOR YOUR LIVES)…


I do not know what will.



Will definitely do it.

Zombie spider?


Why was that necessary?!

13 comments on “News Mash: Brain power? Zombies help you work it out!

  1. Is this how we get our body in shape because number of mitochondria—tiny structures in cells that provide the body with energy increase. And this process is possible at any age and stage of health?
    I think everybody experienced the same, doesn’t matter how out of shape they are when start exercising everybody’s health improve.

    To get lazy people to run , whatever helps.
    Zombies, zombie spiders, I mentioned the zombie spiders before, everything counts.
    Everything but a zombie snakes. “shivering like a leaf”

    • Huh? You mean you wouldn’t want THIS to be a zombie?


      I can’t imagine why? Bright side: Just think how fast it would get you to run if you saw it. ;)

      • I don’t like you anymore. That’s all I gonna say. ;)

        I may run fast and never stop again, if I don’t become frozen headless chicken right on the spot
        What poor animal is that?
        I was so nicely relax and sleepy, ready to go to bed and you pulled this.
        I knew it, I was writing and could hear dead souls telling me “Don’t temp her, don’t do it. Stop right there. This’s not a good idea. You gonna be sorry. Leave it.”
        And I didn’t listen. Oh, Why? :D

      • null

        Oh, my gawd. What is that? I am amazed.
        The teeth and the mouth. Ooops it has two sets of teeth.
        I’ll have nightmare.
        Imagine that as a zombie.

        You think you are safe because of the distance and that not worth mentioning thing, you being a martial artist.
        But my pal, you are wrong. Very wrong. I am plotting the revenge. And it’s gonna be ugly. ;)

      • The teeth are what got me as well, and I am not even frightened of snakes. Yikes! Thought you might enjoy it, especially since you are about to head off to bed. wanted to give you some nice fuzzy dreams to think about it tonight.

        As for your ‘payback’…Haha, I look forward to it. ;)

      • It has two sets of teeth. Two Sets Of Teeth

        Oh, how grateful I am that you thought of me. Send me to bed with what the nightmares are made of.
        Should I thank you now or in the morning.

        Why the laugh ? Being too secure is what will take you down.
        My revenge will be so sweet. ;)

      • That laugh wasn’t ‘funny, haha’ but more along the line of “ahmigawdwhathaveIstarted!’ kind of nervous laugh.

        For some odd reason? I am getting a premonition: I see many spiders in my future.


      • You are back pedaling now, like that is gonna save you. “evil laughs” ;)

        Wow. You had a right premonition.

        This is first of many. :D ;)


      • Hahaha

        Your false fear made me laugh. :D
        I am going to bed.
        Being silly is fun.
        Now, *fingers crossed* that I don’t have a nightmare for real.
        Anyway, I had fun.
        See ya when I see ya. “hugs”

      • False fear? Pffft, I think not. Did you see the eyes on that thing you posted? YIKES!

        And yes, being silly is fun… Especially considering the often madness I have to deal with at work. And tonight was INSANE! Had fun as well, and I will catch ya later!

      • Yes, these eyes are looking right at you, striking fears. Pure evil. ;)

        Sorry to hear it was hellish day at work.
        All better that you had fun here.

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