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News Mash: Are you possessed or just crazy?

This is a very informative list…

On the SURE signs of spirit possession.

It’s one everyone could benefit from.

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A top psychologist and author says that the troubles you have in life are not your fault because you, most likely, are possessed by a dead soul.

And, most importantly, the author says that if you can rid yourself of everything from depression to weight problems just by banishing the unwelcome spirit that has invade your body.

“On your own, you can learn ways to tell if you are possessed by the spirit of a dead person and can rid yourself of this spirit, said Dr. Edith Fiore, author of The Unquiet Dead.

“Many people are possessed by earthbound spirits. These are people who have lived and died, but did not go into the afterworld at death.  Instead, they stayed on Earth and remained just like they were before death, with the fears, pains, weaknesses and other problems that they had while they were alive.  They are drawn to unite with the living, in fact, they don’t even know that they have died.

To tell if you are among the possessed, she advises that you look for the following symptoms:

– Low energy levels

–Character shifts or mood swings

– Inner voice or voices speaking to you

– Impulsive behavior

– Memory problems

– Poor concentration

–Sudden onset of physical problems

– A sudden onset of anxiety or bouts of depression especially after hospitalization or any other trauma.

– Weight gain with no obvious cause[Read More]


One ‘clue’ might be needed to be added to this list.

Bloody garters.

[via LaughingSquid] Los Angeles-based special effects artist and illustrator Meaghan O’Keefe has created Gartered Leg Prosthetics, a latex prosthetics kit to make your legs look like garters have ripped right into them. They are available to purchase at her shop, OpenWound FX.

They make the perfect accessory to bustles, stilts, little black dresses and pretty much anything else you can imagine! Zombie Can-Can Girls! Gory Go-Go Dancers! Victims of Sadistic Torturers! Bizarre Ballet acts!…..

Gartered Legs are perfect for your haunted attraction!
The prosthetics are re-usable and easy to wash and apply for night after night of squeamish horror! Your actors will be inspired and your customers terrified! Wherever they’re worn, Gartered Legs are the star of the show.

[Read More]

Of course, I know these aren’t real…

But the ‘light bulb’ of inspiration that would make someone want to wear these in the first place?

Has to be a sure sign of possession, if not…

Just raging freaking insanity.


2 comments on “News Mash: Are you possessed or just crazy?

  1. Well, I am not possessed by dead soils, but my multu personalities are.
    Does that count?
    Of course, I have poor concentration when so many voices are speaking to me in the same time.
    “Weight gain with no obvious cause”
    Aha, when people say I weight like two or three people that’s what they mean.
    Aww!!! Now everything make sense.

    The prosthetic leg, cool. Too bad Angelina didn’t know about this before Oscars.
    Can you imagine that joy if she showed her leg looking like this. :D

    • The prosthetic leg, cool. Too bad Angelina didn’t know about this before Oscars.
      Can you imagine that joy if she showed her leg looking like this. :D

      OMG – That would have been fantastic! And far more entertaining than the show we ended up with. Great connection – I love it!

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