Boss Gifs – Peter The Elephant Plays With A Galaxy, Edition!

Humans are not the only ones…

Who can get a kick out of the newest technology!


Peter the elephant plays with a Samsung Galaxy Note. This is all real, no film trickery, post-production or hidden cuts — he’s just a very clever elephant. Check out the unedited footage clips if you don’t believe it:

The applications Peter uses don’t all come with the phone – some may need to be purchased separately.

However we don’t look nealy as cool when we do it.

THIS? Is working technology…

Like a BOSS!

do it punk

News Mash: You Really Better Heed… The Bunny!

When will cops learns…

The way to true enforcement?

lay not the bunny costume.

[via WPTV] WEST PALM BEACH — A man and a bunny were walking down the center median of Okeechobee Boulevard Wednesday morning when the bunny began flashing a sign at passing motorists: “Have a safe, hoppy holiday. Buckle up!”

Amused drivers smiled and waved at the duo. (One motorist even tried to give the man a $20, thinking he was homeless.)

But this was no joke. Both were West Palm Beach police officers out to enforce the state-sponsored “Click it or Ticket” campaign; signalling other officers stationed off Tamarind Avenue when motorists were not wearing their seat belts.

Wearing a seat belt “should be an involuntary response when you get in a vehicle,” said Sgt. Matthew Bessette of the department’s traffic division. Beginning around 8 a.m., officers cited 50 motorists in the first two hours alone.[Read More]


The pathway to true ‘enforcement’…

Lay the bunny.

EASTER Bunny, that is.

Rise of the Guardians, formerly titled The Guardians of Childhood, is an upcoming 3D computer-animated epic adventure film which will be based on William Joyce’s The Guardians of Childhood book series. It will be produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures, and is set for release on November 21, 2012. The film stars Chris Pine, Isla Fisher, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law and Dakota Goyo. It is being directed by Peter Ramsey and co-directed by Joyce, the creator of Rolie Polie Olie and Disney’s 2007 film Meet the Robinsons. The film is being described as “a contemporary fairytale based on existing fairytale characters”.

The film features a group of heroes from various childhood stories – Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher) and Jack Frost (Chris Pine) – who join in an adventure to stop Pitch the Nightmare King (Jude Law) from sending the world into “eternal darkness”.

Official Websites:,

You do not want to get on the bad side of the beast.

Do. Not. Want!

*whispers* “He would so tell Santa on you, and anyone want to bet how THAT would turn out?”

Not well, my friends…

Not well at all.

you know this makes you happy

News Mash: Happy or sad, you are what you eat!

We can all get that much sought after natural ‘high’…

Thanks to Endorphins released?

When we eat foods we like, that taste good and foods that our body knows is good for us!

Thanks to Listverse, here are a few examples of such foods. (Click the link to read all 10)

[via Listverse]HoneyIn regards to health, honey is far better than regular sugar. Honey contains kaempferol and quercetin, which helps to prevent depression (and keep your brain healthy) by reducing inflammation in the brain. It also won’t send your body into “fat-storage” mode, like regular sugar can, by having less of an impact on blood-sugar levels.

Cherry Tomatoes

All tomatoes have a substance known as lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that fights inflammation in the brain and generally protects the brain. For best results, eat them with olive oil; olive oil helps to increase the absorption of lycopene.


Eggs contain moderate-to-large amounts of Zinc, Vitamin B, Iodine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and protein. Not only can eggs keep you energized, they can also keep you full (stomach-wise) for longer! A 2008 study in the “International Journal of Obesity” found that people who had eggs for breakfast lost considerably more weight, compared to those who ate bagels for breakfast.


Despite the fact that coconuts are most commonly found in unhealthy desserts, coconuts do contain medium-chain triglycerides. Medium-chain triglycerides are special fats that fuel better moods and promote general brain-health. Note: Coconut milk, on the other hand, is actually pretty unhealthy. Stick with unsweetened coconut shavings. [Read More – Read All 10 Foods To Make You Happy!]


Just in case you were in doubt?

McDonald’s does not have any of these foods.

Just the opposite.

In fact people who eat at McDonald’s, not only are the unhealthiest…

But the unhappiest.

[via Daily Mail] Americans who frequent the most popular fast-food restaurants are less happy with their health than the average citizen, according to a new survey conducted by consumer-focused information site BIGinsight.

They asked almost 9,000 consumers to rate their happiness on a scale of one to five. Customers of four of the eight largest fast-food restaurants reported a higher rate of being either totally unhappy or somewhat unhappy with their health than the general population.

More than one in five of the general population are unhappy with their health.

24/7 Wall Street also researched the amount of fat, calorie and carbohydrate intake of the customers and compared the results.

The same diners who said they were unhappy also reported other unhealthy habits like not exercising and not watching their calorific or fat intake.

McDonald’s customers, were the most unhappy of all fast-food restaurants and they also reported the lowest rate of exercising regularly.[Read More]

And you still eat there…

Cause why?

Come on, people…

Give me ONE reason!

O N E!

can I sing it

News Mash: E=mc2 and drunken diatribes in the form of Bohemian Rhapsody!

There are videos…

Which exist on the internet?

That go a long way to provide for the intellectual betterment of all of mankind.

[via Gizmodo] The One-Minute Explanation of Einstein’s Most Famous Equation: E=mc2

Most of us don’t know much about Einstein. Minutephysics has spent the past monthtrying to beat a little context into our pea-sized dummy brains beyond, like, E=mc2. But it’s about time we got to learning the big one.

So here it is, a quick, concise explanation of the world’s most famous equation, with a radioactive cat in space. [Minutephysics] [Read More]


Of course there are those videos on the internet…

One simply watches and marvels at the fact at how truly stupid some people are?

And that if it was up to these idiots?

Mankind would be doomed.

This guy got arrested for intoxication and didn’t agree with the charges. After pleading his case, he decides to belt out his emotions… through the music of Queen.

Seriously, mankind?


I am just embarrassed to know you.

cartman for president

Aporia Politico: Matt & Trey WIN! at politics, while Obama? Not so much.

Politics is ridiculous!

Anyone who can watch all the crap going on, building up to the 2012 Presidential election, and look at it all seriously?

Need to have their head examined.

There are two guys, however, and oddly enough…

No would could ever claim have this issue.

Matt & Trey?

You. Are. AWESOME – I love you guys!

[via Digital JournalTonight’s [March 28th] new South Park episode skewered Internet fads, also known as memes, by perfectly satirizing our Web generation’s obsession with trends such as “Tebowing”. The show had their own version – Faith Hilling and Taylor Swifting.

Earlier this month, in the first episode of South Park‘s 16th season, the Colorado kids poked fun at the TSA and their aggressive man-handling; then South Park exposed the gold-buying market like a potty-mouthed 60 Minutes investigative report; and tonight, in a magnificent episode sure to delight any online addict, the Comedy Central show turned to memes, those Internet fads you can’t help but notice, mainly due to those photos appearing in your Facebook feed.

What was truly inventive about the beginning of this episode was the GOP presidential debate scenes: we’re at a debate with Gingrich, Santorum, Romney and Paul, and all of their dialogue was actually real things they said at debates, recorded and overlaid their cartoon representations. It was unlike anything I’ve seen in animated shows in recent memory. And their choice of quotes was truly rib-tickling satisfying.

The South Park boys decide to crash the debate by Faith Hilling – Cartman jumps on stag and holds his shirt out to resemble nipples. Apparently, even Kobe Bryant does it (cut to pic of the basketball player airing out his jersey, somewhat looking like a Faith Hill move). It’s not clear why Faith Hill has been targeted for this joke, am I missing something? And yes, she’s the U.S. country star known for singing the intro to Monday Night Football.[Read More]

Because stuff like THIS(below)?

Gives me an extreme headache.

Seriously, how bad does a budget have to be…

[via Open Market]The House of Representatives rejected the Obama administration’s proposed budget 414-to-0; it failed to get a single Democratic vote. As Ed Morrissey noted, “the President wants to keep proposing massive deficits, increased spending, and higher taxes . . . This is the second year in a row that Obama’s budget couldn’t win a single Democratic vote in Congress. In parliamentary systems, that would be a vote of no confidence and the party would be looking for new leadership.”[Read More]

When not ONE of the guys on your team (Democrats) votes for it.


This is the guy you are pushing to retain the White House, seriously…

And he can’t even get a budget passed due to all his crappy spending policies?


Okie dokie.

*goes back to watching South Park* I am now more convinced than ever?

It’s just safer for my sanity.

flower of life

This is the answer: Love flowers, grows, within…Without & forever more!

“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.”
~Saint Augustine


“Truth is beautiful within and without, forevermore”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Boss Gif – Drawing Apparatus, Edition!

Similar to Spirograph drawings  drawing apparatus uses two turntables, sharpie

And some secret elements of mystery.

The result is like a BOSS.


Drawing apparatus by Robert Howsare

Like a BOSS

Alicia Silverstone

Poetic Celebrity Parody – The Birds Are Doing It. Why Shouldn’t We?Edition!

In the startling clip, Silverstone, 35, is seen chewing food and then spitting it into the mouth of her 10-month-old child.

The video was taken “about a month or 2 ago,” Silverstone wrote on her website. At that time, Bear Blu was still “a bit wobbly” with this feeding method, she said.

But infant and mother have mastered the technique.

“Now he’s grabbing my mouth to get the food out,” Silverstone wrote.

“He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating,” she said.

Is this equivalent of  “I just throw up in your mouth?”
Oh, No! No! No!
How you dare?
It is a ultimate love bond between mother who cares
And her child
If the mother and child are birds.
My mom did a lots for me.
If she could breath for me
I bet she would do it.
But she never, ever thought to chew my food for me
And I was an ultimate picky eater
Bear Blu?
The Big Bird was taken?