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News Mash: Archaeological Discoveries Of Giant Skulls & Golden Eyes?!

Archaeology is an occupation which discovers truly amazing things…

Even as much as it is a sometimes very deceptive one.

A truth which always must be taken into account.

For instance there have been notably NUMEROUS “OMG, look what I discovered!” skull hoaxes over the years.


Far more entertaining than others.

[via List Verse]Skulls are an interesting part of the skeleton, because they give us an idea of what the face of its owner was like. To those who study them, skulls can also give a wealth of information about diet, lifestyle, health, age, and even brain size. Throughout history, many strange skulls have been discovered which seem to go against all previous knowledge. Sometimes such skulls lead to better understanding in various fields, but unfortunately there have always been those who enjoy fabricating unusual skulls for attention and profit. These skulls fall down in the face of proper testing, yet they persist until the fraud is discovered and can be of great interest. This is a list of hoax skulls, mistaken skulls, and unusual or misleading practices pertaining to skulls.



Giant skull

The military is said to have secured a large area and forbidden anyone entry except government personnel. The site was kept in complete secrecy until a helicopter secured photographs as it flew overhead. The photos show workers uncovering a skull of phenomenal size, and gradually revealing the rest of the giant skeleton. The skeleton became famous in email forwards that gave some variation of the above story, but in fact, the photographs were created through manipulation by combining various real but unrelated pictures. Other giant skulls have been put forward, but all have been either falsified, mysteriously misplaced, refused examination, or have actually been Neanderthal skulls, which are slightly larger than human skulls. […][Read More – Top 10 skull Hoaxes]

With that said, is there any hope that the newly discovered…

5,ooo year old GOLDEN eyeball?

Isn’t one of the hoaxes.


And if it is?

Please, let me know in advance of my anticipated ‘scoff’…

[via Weekly World News] Archaeologists discovered the world’s first prosthetic eye, which was worn by an ancient Persian priestess.

The female soothsayer stood 6′  tall, and the mesmerizing effects of the golden eyeball would have convinced those who saw it that she could see into the future.

“It must have glittered spectacularly, conferring on the woman a mysterious and supernatural gaze,” said leader of the Italian team Lorenzo Costantini, adding,  ”she must have been a very striking and exotic figure.”

The priestess lived 5,000 years ago in what is now Iran, where her skeleton was unearthed in 2006 by Iranian and Italian archaeologists excavating an ancient necropolis at Shahr-i-Sokhta [“Burnt City”] in the Sistan desert. The eyeball was made of a lightweight material thought to be derived from bitumen paste and later determined to consist of a mixture of natural tar and animal fat. Lines had been engraved radiating from the iris and gold that had been applied in a thin layer over the surface.

A tiny hole had been drilled on each side of the half-sphere, which had a diameter of just over 1″, so that it could be held in place with thread. Microscopic examination confirmed that the artificial eye had been worn during life: the socket had an imprint from prolonged contact and marks from the thread. Further analysis suggested that the woman may have had an abscess on her eyelid because of long-term contact with the golden eyeball. Mansour Sajjadi, leader of the Iranian team, stated that the skeleton was that of a woman, aged between 25 and 30, whose cause of death could not be determined. [Read More]

If, for no other reason?

Than it will save me from the chance of an evil-eye curse being perpetuated on me from the grave

By the sorceress/priestess/female soothsayer who took grave offense at my unwittingly offensive, mocking, glib demeanor at the mere thought of a golden eye.

Come on, archaeology…


Pffft, um…err…

Oh, wait there, Evil Priestess, I didn’t mean it! *waves hands madly in air*

Don’t turn me into a chicken, I was only kidd–…


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  1. Hahahaha

    Fabulous story. I love it.
    Every time chicken is mention I can’t stop laughing. It gives me such a joy. Seriously.
    Can you imagine 6 feet tall woman with golden eye. And all the adventures that happened to her.
    Oh, I want to know what happened to her. “pouts”

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