News Mash: It’s Time For Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl To ‘Tebow’ It, Baby!

What’s a little football fun…

Without a friendly wager between equals?

And that is EXACTLY what the mayors of Denver and Pittsburgh struck up, before today’s Broncos vs Steelers game!

[via DenverPost] A friendly between the mayors of Denver and Pittsburgh is at stake over the result of Sunday’s wild-card game between the and the .

Denver Mayor on the phone with , making a friendly wager on Sunday’s game.

If Pittsburgh wins, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has agreed to wear a Steelers’ jersey and a yellow “Terrible Towel” to a public event. The towel is the famous cloth Pittsburgh fans wave maniacally during the Steelers’ games at Heinz Field.

If Denver wins, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has agreed to wear a Broncos’ jersey and “Tebow” in front of an iconic Pittsburgh location. , of course, is bending down on one knee in prayer in a pose that Broncos’ quarterback often does.

Pittsburgh is an 8.5-point favorite against the Broncos, even though the game is at Denver’s Sports Authority Field. [Read More]

And considering those odds?


Considering NO ONE thought Tebow could pull off this win?

[via The NYTimes]DENVER — Tebow Time met overtime, and overtime had no chance. Neither did the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tim Tebow, who had engineered comebacks from fourth-quarter deficits to win five games since becoming the starter this season, completed a short pass that Demaryius Thomas turned into an 80-yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage in overtime, giving the Denver Broncos a stunning 29-23 victory Sunday in their A.F.C. wild-card game. It was the first overtime game since the N.F.L. established rules last year that would allow overtime to end with just one team possessing the ball only if that team scored a touchdown.

Fittingly, Tebow, who has defied conventional wisdom and the best intelligence about how football is meant to be played, turned the rule on its head. He pulled the trigger. And pulled off another Tebow miracle. [Read More]

Guess the Mayor of Pittsburgh better be practicing his Tebow posing…

Cause he owes Denver one.

And so does…?

Everyone else who didn’t think Tebow could pull off this win.