So long, Vampires – Zombie love is taking over!

When the Walking Dead was such a success, Anguished Repose feared this would happen…

Zombie love is taking over!

Know why zombies are more successful than vamps at Comic Con this year?

Probably because, thanks to crap-fests like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, vampires have successfully been neutered of all facets of interest or  terror.

They cry now, for Gawd’s sake…

Instead of attempting to rip your heart out…

Like we all know REAL vampires love to do.


Vampires aren’t even MONSTERS anymore! No, now they are just really old weenies, with hair gel fixations.


Make no mistake about it – They still have their…


[via Wired] Hollywood is turning from a batch of soulless, bloodsucking sycophants into a pack of mindless, shambling corpses looking to destroy your brain.

After years of vampire suck-cess stories, the entertainment industry is shifting its focus to zombies, with the living dead coming on strong in TV shows, comic books and a slew of upcoming movies.

“Zombie is the new black,” said Armand Dorian, host of Spike’s Deadliest Warrior, which is hosting a presentation called “Vampires vs. Zombies” Thursday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

“There’s no question — I think zombie is the next wave,” Dorian said in an interview with “Part of the reason is because I think the person who is the consumer is becoming more and more educated and more and more interested in being heavily into the science part of science fiction.”

Dorian may be on to something. Another Comic-Con panel is devoted to the scientific possibility of a zombie virus. World War Z author Max Brooks will be speaking on two panels — one on the history of the modern ghoul with zombie neuroscientist Bradley Voytek and another on surviving a zombie apocalypse (Brooks’ specialty).

While Comic-Con is not an infallible predictor of an upcoming movie or TV series’ success, the annual pop culture convention in San Diego does act as a sort of geek barometer, with the 130,000 attendees showing their love for this superhero or that variety of supernatural creature by way of costumes, T-shirts and massive lines for a particular panel presentation.

Bloodsuckers and “walkers” aren’t just battling it out at the box office and on DVRs across America, they’re also going undead-head-to-undead-head at Comic-Con 2011. Scroll through the schedule for the giant convention, which runs Wednesday through Sunday, and you’ll still spot plenty of hot vampire properties, from cast panels on Twilight and True Blood to a discussion of LGBT fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer .

But you’ll also notice a large number of events dedicated to zombies. Moreover, the zombie talk seems to be far more popular than bloodsucker banter. The panel for AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently leading the pack in terms of what attendees say they’re attending, based on the Sched web app for the San Diego convention. True Blood comes in fifth and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 was at No. 38 at the time of this writing.

A crossover panel, run by webcomics publisher Keenspot, is promising updates on the movie adaptation of Last Blood — the comic about vampires that have to keep the survivors of a zombie apocalypse alive in order to secure their food supply.

It’s an interesting turn of events considering just last year at Comic-Con, Walking Dead comic book scribe and show executive producer Robert Kirkman told, “I understand that vampires are a little more romantic and all that stuff, but I mean, zombies: Give ‘em a chance.”

Now, it seems, he’s getting his wish.[Read More]


The fact that vampires these days are in fact TOO romantic, is actually the problem.


This is MUCH more scary than today’s moping, broody, romantic I-will-get-all-weepy-if-you-break-my-heart vampire…

Amazing and creepy animated short about a child’s visit to a toy store by the talented Rodrigo Blaas for Alma Films. The best short film i’ve seen in ages.

And its a cartoon!

That says a lot.

And what it says loud and clear?

Vampires SUCK…

Long live Z O M B I E S!

“And, pssst, Hollywood? If you freaking ruin zombies, like you did vampires, for me? I’m seriously, PERSONALLY, kicking your…

I’m just saying.” ~AR


Quantum physics strives to create a living doppelganger!

Thinking, deep, physics thoughts…

Is painful.

But sometimes?

I like it.

[via New Scientist] An ambitious experiment to make a glass sphere exist in two places at once could provide the most sensitive test of quantum theory yet. The experiment will place a sphere containing millions of atoms – making it larger than many viruses – into a superposition of states in different places, say researchers in Europe.

Physicists have questioned whether large objects can follow quantum laws ever since Erwin Schrödinger’s thought-experiment suggested a cat could exist in a superposition of being both alive and dead. [Right (see post below) because much like memory, isn’t reality subjected to perception?]

The idea is to zap a glass sphere 40 nanometres in diameter with a laser while it is inside a small cavity. This should force the sphere to bounce from one side of the cavity to the other. But since the light is quantum in nature, so too will be the position of the sphere. This forces it into a quantum superposition.

The experiment will have to be carried out in high vacuum and at extremely low temperatures so that the sphere is not disturbed by thermal noise or air molecules, says lead author Oriol Romero-Isart from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany.

No overlap

Last year Aaron O’Connell and colleagues at the University of California, Santa Barbara, demonstrated that it should be possible to create superpositions in a 60-micrometre-long metal strip. However, the physical separation associated with the two different states of the strip was only 1 femtometre, about the width of the nucleus of an atom.

The new experiment, in contrast, would put the glass sphere in two entirely distinct places at once, with no overlap. “In our proposal the centre of mass is put into a superposition of spatial locations separated by a distance larger than the size of the object,” Romero-Isart says.

Atom interferometer experiments have previously achieved good separation, putting fullerene and other molecules containing up to a few hundred atoms into distinct superposition states, but the new scheme will do this with truly macroscopic objects.

This will be particularly valuable in providing tests for quantum mechanics, the researchers say. Observing the behaviour of such very large objects obeying quantum laws offers our best hope of finding ways in which quantum theory breaks down.

The Romero-Isart experiment would take us “substantially beyond the current state of the art”, says Anthony Leggett of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Neither the fullerene experiments nor that of O’Connell and his team are able to test well-developed competitors to quantum mechanics.” [Read more]

Does make one wonder though, doesn’t it…

My Gawd, what happens if they actually succeed?

Scary thought, that.

You need a bigger boat: Great White shark jumps into boat with marine scientists!

I know some people get into their work, but really guys…

This is taking it a little overboard!

Or not…

[via Daily Mail] When a team of marine scientists began throwing sardines into the ocean they were hoping to get a closer look at great white sharks.

But little did they expect that they would come face-to-face with one of ferocious beasts after it jumped out of the water – and landed in their boat.

The wild three-metres long creature began flailing around on the deck snatching at the air with its razor-sharp teeth.

Wild: The half-tonne Great White Shark thrashes around after jumping from the sea onto the deck of the marine research boat in Mossel Bay, South AfricaWild: The half-tonne great White Shark thrashes around after jumping from the sea onto the deck of the marine research boat in Mossel Bay, South Africa
Beast: The crew of seven scientists wrestled with the predator in a desperate bid to throw it back into the ocean but they were unable to get it under controlBeast: The crew of seven scientists wrestled with the predator in a desperate bid to throw it back into the ocean but they were unable to get it under control

The brave team had to wrestle the half-tonne predator until it could be tossed back into the water at a nearby harbour in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

‘Activity around the boat ceased and all was pretty quiet at the stern,’ team leader Dorien Schroder said.

‘Next thing, I hear a splash and see a great white breach out of the water from one side of the boat hovering, literally, over a crew member chumming on the port side.’

Six members of Oceans Research organisation were collecting data on sharks in, 388km west of Cape Town, in a research project.

The seven-strong crew used sardines as bait to attract the predators and were able to observe four great whites, that are known locally for bursting through the surface as they prey on seals.

But the crew were taken by surprise when the killer fish leaped out of the water and landed on the boat’s fuel and bait storage containers, the Cape Times reported.

The crew backed off, hoping the shark would find its way back to the water – but the creatures panicked, cutting fuel lines as it thrashed about.

Caring: A brave researcher grapples with the shark as he helps it back into the oceanCaring: A brave researcher grapples with the shark as he helps it back into the ocean
Freedom: Two of the shark scientists release the creature into a nearby harbour, only for the shark to beach itself a short while later and need yet more assistance Freedom: Two of the shark scientists release the creature into a nearby harbour, only for the shark to beach itself a short while later and need yet more assistance

The scientists radioed for help poured water over the shark’s gills to keep it alive. They even tied a rope around the shark’s tail in desperate bid to haul it back onto the ocean

But the thrashing creature refused to budge and the boat was eventually towed back to harbour and the shark was lifted back into the water with a crane.

But the giant fish still caused problems. The shark was unable to navigate out of the harbour and it beached itself half an hour later.

A team led by Oceans Research’s co-director, Enrico Gennari then tied ropes to the shark’s tail and pectoral fins, and slowly towed it out to sea, where the fish recovered and swam away, The Guardian reported.

Mr Gennari said the chaos was the first time he’d heard of a great white jumping onto a boat.

But  he added that the fish could have mistaken the boat’s shadow for prey or been disturbed by another shark.

‘It’s all speculation,’ Mr Gennari said.

‘But sometimes a shark breaches the surface when it feels another shark underneath it. They (move) like a flying fish and end up several meters away.’ [Read More]

A Great White shark jumped into their boat?

Talk about a heart attacking induced moment…

One where I think I might have seen such an incident somewhere before?



I remember now.

On future scientific endeavors, might a suggest a dog on board for your protection.

Why, yes…

I did indeed say “dog”, and make NO mistake about it, especially a terrier breed?

They can not only protect you FROM sharks, but can hunt them down…

[via SMH] Russell Hood-pen believes his viral video showing dogs “herding” and biting sharks is the perfect way to market Australia to the world but the boss of the Tourism and Transport forum claims it may do more harm than good.

The video – “dog has a a ride on a shark” – has racked up 1.5 million views in a week and Perth construction worker Hood-pen is now in high demand with media around the world.

He believes this sort of bizarre natural beauty is better marketing for Australia than “cheesy” official efforts featuring the likes of Lara Bingle, but John Lee, chief executive of the Tourism and Transport Forum, was blunt in his response.

“That certainly is an amazing piece of footage, but I don’t think vision of sharks practically on the beach is the right image to entice people to Australia,” said Lee.

Hood-penn, 32, and his wife, Naomi, have spent the past four months travelling around Australia with no caravan – just their “tent and swag” – allowing them to access the more remote communities.

One of their stops was One Armed Point, an indigenous community about 200km north of Broome in Western Australia. They paid their fee to visit the community and one of the locals informed them of an interesting attraction.

“The lady said if you’re lucky and you go down the boat ramp at high tide you might get to see the dogs swimming with the sharks, so off we went down there and sure enough … there were these two dogs and they were swimming with the sharks, they were swimming out maybe 50 or 60 metres and it almost looked like they were rounding the sharks up and bringing them to the shallows,” Hood-penn said in a phone interview.

“We were there watching it for 20 or 30 minutes … and right when I decided to take the video the dogs swam in and then one of the dogs just dove down and grabbed hold of the shark’s tail and went for a swim in the water with him.”

The sharks are believed to be lemon sharks, which have sharp teeth, grow to three metres and are common in tropical water at moderate depths. There have been just 22 reports of lemon shark attacks on humans with no deaths.

But Paul McGreevy, professor of animal behaviour and welfare at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Veterinary Science, said there was “no evidence” the sharks were tamed.

“Terriers enjoy hunting for things below the surface of the ground and they get pleasure from that, they don’t need to be trained to do that. So if the dogs in question have any terrier in them they may enjoy the chase,” he said.

“The sharks would’ve been there for their own reasons presumably something to do with foraging.” [Read More]

(Watch sunrise thursday morning 21st July for the full story, cheers Russ) If you like my videos check out my blog

And snatch them up!

As in FOR dinner is well.


It’s the craziest thing, a dog on a boat jumps right into the water and bites this shark and drags it to land. Gotta see it to believe it.

Are predators TO sharks…

Who knew they were so shark-crazy?

I know I didn’t, cause–Hello!–…

S H A R K !

Watch Shark Week, beginning July 31, 2011.

Memory of a visual event actually ‘contaminate’ our visual perceptions!

Out hunting for just the RIGHT quote for my Tumblr Inspiration Series, I stumbled upon this quote:

Everything you can imagine is real.     –     Pablo Picasso

I found it highly interesting, for there was definitely a ring of literal truth to it.

Even more so?

After I read this…

[via Medical Xpress] Taking a trip down memory lane while you are driving could land you in a roadside ditch, new research indicates. Vanderbilt University psychologists have found that our visual perception can be contaminated by memories of what we have recently seen, impairing our ability to properly understand and act on what we are currently seeing.

“This study shows that holding the of a visual event in our mind for a short period of time can ‘contaminate’ during the time that we’re remembering,” Randolph Blake, study co-author and Centennial Professor of , said.

“Our study represents the first conclusive evidence for such contamination, and the results strongly suggest that remembering and perceiving engage at least some of the same .”

The study, led by research associate Min-Suk Kang, was recently published in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

“There are numerous instances where we engage in visually guided activities, such as driving, while rehashing visual events in our mind’s eye. Common sense tells us that this mental replay is harmless in that it does not interfere with our ability to register and react to objects within our visual field,” Kang and his co-authors wrote. “Evidently, however, that is not always true when the contents of our working memories overlap with the contents of our perceptual world.” […]

“We find that observers misperceive the actual direction of motion of a single motion stimulus if, while viewing that stimulus, they are holding a different motion direction in visual working memory,” the authors wrote.

The results provide further support for previous findings by Vanderbilt researchers Frank Tong and Stephanie Harrison that the contents of working memory may be represented in early visual areas in the brain, including the primary visual cortex, that were previously thought to play no role in higher cognitive functions such as memory.

“Our findings provide compelling evidence that visual representations directly interact with the same neural mechanisms involved in processing basic sensory events,” Kang and his colleagues wrote. [Read More]

In other words, be careful what you mind recalls, else it can alter your present perception of ‘reality’ to the point you SEE what you bring to mind, not necessarily what you are supposed to see.

And the fact that it can…

How mind-trippingly awesome is that?!

Memory and Actuality, Perception and Dream

Based on the belief that memory distorts reality to record a sense of place within an individual’s mind, this film looks to represent a journey of discovery within Mottisfont Abbey from the perspective of an anonymous protagonist. Embracing themes of naivety to awareness and using the visual motifs of movement, colour and texture the film presents the surreal mindscape of the individual and highlights the importance of memory in experience.

‘Memory and Actuality, Perception and Dream’ produced and edited by L.Smith and J.Wickham

Soundtrack: Lightless Dawn by K.MacLeod (edited)
Narrative Text: J.Pallasmaa, G.Bachelard, D.Lyndon
Narrated By: D.Astbury

Poverty isn’t to be had in the pocketbook, but in the soul!


Seldom do people discern
Eloquence under a threadbare cloak. ~Juvenal

I’ve got a Trans-Am in primer paint,
Nobody taught me, I was born this way,
No silver spoon to feed a 401k,
On Bourbon Street the girls all scream,
They callin’ out my name

I wanna be a white trash millionaire,
Ain’t got much and I don’t care,
Count your cash and kiss my ass,
The whole damn world gonna know I’m here,
Got two zig-zags and you know I’ll share,
I’m everyone from nowhere,
White trash, white trash, white trash millionaire

Some got a castle, a Mercedes-Benz,
Big time appointments and all their fake friends,
So tell me is that is good as it gets,
On the couch on the front porch,
We’re all smokin’ left handed cigarettes


[Guitar Solo]

Well get em up, get em up, get em up high,
Now we’re gonna go from side to side,
Front to back, back to front, front to back,
Here we go, here we go

Boss Gif – Lightsaber Edition

So much fun to battle with the light saber.

Too bad it’s a robot vs human,

And the robot is winning.”cries”


Stanford students have created robots that can battle with ‘light sabers” against humans as part of a hands-on course in experimental robotics.

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Robot with light saber is

Like a BOSS