First comes the driverless cars, then come the driverless car laws! Obviously.

Read this article yesterday…

And then? I was all like, “Pffft – That’s stupid. What do they need THAT for? It’s not like we have cars that can go all ‘autopilot’ now.”

[via SeattlePI]Nevada officially authorizes driverless cars

Wouldn’t it be nice if, when you rolled out of bed in the morning and into your car, you could just sit back, relax, sip some coffee and enjoy the view during your commute to work? Without having to do any of that pesky driving stuff?

That dream has come closer to reality in Nevada, whose governor last week signed into law a bill that authorizes driverless cars.

More specifically, the bill requires the Nevada Department of Transportation to “adopt regulations authorizing the operation of autonomous vehicles on highways.” The state now will come up with safety and performance standards for cars such as Google’s self-navigating prototypes.

The Nevada DOT also will designate highways for testing the vehicles, writes Stanford professor Ryan Calo. And it likely will determine whether a special driver’s license will be required to operate a driverless car. [Read More]


Apparently we have cars that can go all ‘autopilot’ now.

Thanks Volkswagen.

Not like I needed ANY help looking like an idiot…

But I appreciate your efforts.

No really, they’re fantastic!

[via Engadget] Would you feel comfortable driving down the highway with a Temporary Auto Pilot (TAP) behind the wheel of your next Volkswagen? A new technology proposed by the German automaker won’t take you from A to B automatically, but it will help out with more simple driving, so you can take your hands off the wheel while cruising down the highway at up to 130km/h (about 80 mph), for example. The system pairs Lane Assist with cruise control, and can be overridden by the driver at any time. The TAP system’s Pilot Mode uses radar, laser, camera, and ultrasonic sensors to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, start and stop in traffic, and slow down before a bend. Speed is set by the driver, who you’ll need to remain aware of your surroundings in case you need to take over control — so don’t get too comfortable poking around the menus on that AppRadio just yet. [Read More]


Just imagine?

Driverless cars, in YOUR lifetime…

Who would have thought that, huh?

Not sure I could personally ever use such an ability, cause I’m too much of a control freak, but I like the idea…

Indeed I do.

The future, apparently, is NOW.