Chocolate milk is bad for you, no it’s good, no bad, no-wait – Good again, and now bad…

As yet one more conflicting report misnomer…

I love these things!

What is it this time?

(Hold on to your socks!)

Chocolate milk.

It is so BAD for you!

(CBS/AP) With childhood obesity a growing problem in the U.S., schools across the country are seeing what they can do to help kids keep the weight off. To do its part, the Los Angeles Unified School District – with about 688,000 students, the nation’s second-largest – has implemented a controversial ban of chocolate and strawberry milk.

It joins a growing number of school districts nationwide, including Washington D.C., Boulder Valley, Colo., and Berkeley, Calif., that serve only plain milk at its schools.

The proposal by L.A. Superintendent John Deasy came on the heels of months of criticism by British TV chef and obesity advocate, Jamie Oliver, who said flavored milks contain the sugar equivalent of a candy bar.

In a stunt on his ABC show “Food Revolution,” he filled a school bus with sand to represent the amount of added sugar students in Los Angeles drink in a year through flavored milk.

Some lauded the ban.

“Thirty percent of our kids are obese or are on track to diabetes,” said Jennie Cook of Food for Lunch, a coalition advocating nutritious school food who has been pushing the district to eliminate flavored milk for the past year. “This is a social justice issue.”

Emily Ventura, a researcher with the University of Southern California’s Childhood Research Center said 6,000 parents from the district had signed a petition to eliminate flavored milk from the district.

But board member Tamar Galatzan, the vote’s lone dissenter, said health advocates including the American Heart Association say the nutritional benefits of flavored milk outweigh the harm of added sugar – because kids drink less milk if they aren’t offered flavored options.

She also points to the hypocrisy of the district serving fruit juices containing 27 to 29 grams of sugar per serving, more than the amount of sugar in flavored milk – 20 grams in 8 ounces of fat-free chocolate milk and 27 grams in fat-free strawberry.

Galatzan is mostly miffed by the perception that the district was caving in to Oliver, who unsuccessfully lobbied the district to be allowed to film in its schools.

“I really don’t understand why we’re letting a TV chef dictate our policy.” [Read More]

The key here – In all things? MODERATION!

Yes, Jamie, even health kicks.

*gasp* Shock/dismay.

Because, oh…



Chocolate milk in some forms is really GOOD for you.

[via Daily Mail] After an exhausting session on the treadmill, many athletes reach for an isotonic sports drink or good old-fashioned water.

But two new studies from The University of Texas at Austin show that chocolate milk is the ideal post-workout recovery drink.

‘Serious and amateur athletes alike enjoyed physical recovery benefits when they drank low-fat chocolate milk after a vigorous workout,’ said lead researcher Dr John Ivy.

‘The advantages for the study participants were better body composition in the form of more muscle and less fat, improved times while working out and overall better physical shape than peers who consumed sports beverages that just contained carbohydrates.’

Dr Ivy and his team compared the recovery benefits of drinking low-fat chocolate milk after exercise to the effects of a carbohydrate beverage with the same ingredients and calories as typical sports drinks as well as to a calorie-free beverage.

They asked 10 trained cyclists to ride a bike for 90 minutes at moderate intensity, then for 10 minutes of high intensity intervals.

The scientists found the athletes had significantly more power and rode faster (reduced their ride time by an average of six minutes) when they consumed low-fat chocolate milk rather than a carbohydrate sports drink or calorie-free beverage.

The team also tested 32 amateur male and female cyclists, putting them through five intense spinning sessions a week followed by one of the three beverages.

They found after four and a half weeks that chocolate milk drinkers had twice the improvement in maximal oxygen uptake compared to the others.

Maximal oxygen uptake is one indicator of an athlete’s aerobic endurance and ability to perform sustained exercise.

The amateur cyclists also built more muscle and shaved off more fat during training when they drank low-fat chocolate milk.

‘We don’t yet understand exactly what mechanism is causing low-fat chocolate milk to give athletes these advantages – that will take more research,’ said Dr Ivy.

‘But there’s something in the naturally-occurring protein and carbohydrate mix that offers significant benefits.’

Dr Ivy added that a three-minute recovery window after exercise, for people of all fitness levels, was as important as the nutrition supplement.

The study was published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. [Read More]

And just like so many things with such conflicting black/white reports, these opposing accounts?

You only get the whole story if you search for it, somewhere…

In the gray.

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  1. I don’t think Jamie Oliver should talk about how chocolate milk is bad. Celebrity chefs are not nutritionist, then there is a one tiny detail that Jamie has a show to promote and last is if I want to be mean I could say that Jamie Oliver doesn’t look like he is in great shape either. The fat and oily look he nourish is not the best advertisement for his program.
    The problem is that today kids are not enough physically active. I too bet that they eat everything else more than that they drink chocolate milk.

    • This guy is just concerned with his TV show, although I am sure health has some part, you are right this guy is NOT a nutritionist and should just shut up and stick to cooking.

      Me? I love chocolate milk. Not a fan of chocolate by itself, but chocolate milk, yep…I’ll drink it. One of my favorite snacks is chocolate milk and toast. I dip my toast in my milk. Simply love it. NOW? I have a reason to drink it after I work out. How awesome is that?! Gives me a reason to look forward to working out.

      Always need those. :D

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