Turn your body into a data storage unit – Sure, why not?


THIS isn’t creepy at all.

Floppy disks? Too 1980s. Thumb drives? Too easy to lose. Anyway, who needs a thumb drive when you can store data in your thumb? A new program called Sparsh lets you transfer files from one device to another simply by touching the screen – and you don’t have to join the Borg collective first.

Transferring files from one computer to another is a major pain. Even cloud-based storage like Dropbox is still irritatingly complicated. Now Pranav Mistryof the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has the solution. He gets that what we really want is to just pick up stuff from one machine and put in the other, as we do with a physical object.

Mistry has designed a system to make this as simple as it could possibly be. “The user touches a data item they wish to copy from a device, conceptually saving it in the user’s body,” he says. “Next, the user touches the other device to which they want to paste the saved content.” [Read More]


One comment on “Turn your body into a data storage unit – Sure, why not?

  1. I like this idea. I may even be able to use it if I can figure out if I HAVE a system that it will work with. HUMMMMM
    Well maybe ??????????
    Need a mentor on what I need – no I phone – oh well maybe some day hahaha
    Just like all the forms I need filled out – what a deal
    Well I will try to smile right after I watch “Blade Runner” that I don’t own and have never seen.
    Someone that will remain unnamed put a link to i09 somewhere and I can spend days looking….. :-)

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