‘Operation Spiderman’ busts a tarantula smuggler!

Imagine receiving one of these packages by accident, not knowing what was inside?!


I do not  like spiders *shock*

So anything that makes me feel BAD for the spiders I do not like?

I generally dislike more!

A German man has been arrested on animal smuggling charges after he allegedly mailed hundreds of live tarantulas to customers in the United States. Sven Koppler, 37, was busted yesterday when he arrived in Los Angeles to meet with an associate, according to investigators.

In announcing Koppler’s arrest, federal officials today released the above evidence photos showing some of the seized arachnids.

The federal probe of Koppler began in March, when agents intercepted a package headed for L.A. that contained about 300 tarantulas. Investigators subsequently seized a second United States Postal Service shipment containing nearly 250 live tarantulas. During an undercover probe (dubbed “Operation Spiderman”) run by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents, Koppler allegedly mailed several other packages containing tarantulas. [Read More]

As much as I find spiders icky and a pox on humanity, they are still living creatures. And, as someone who has worked in the postal industry, I know how some of those packages are treated. I can only imagine what the poor spiders (and dammit that I even have THAT thought in my head in the first place) went through during the mailing process.

Now if you will excuse me, after reading this?

I have to go wash my brain out with bleach, to cleanse  it of ANY sympathetic thoughts for spiders…

Be right back.

10 comments on “‘Operation Spiderman’ busts a tarantula smuggler!

  1. I wonder is this German guy the same German guy I saw on TV who had a 5000 tarantulas and separate house just to grow them . What people do is unbelievable ? This post and the one about snakes remind me how there was guy here who was walking on the street with the albino piton I think on his shoulder . The snake was yellowish whitish around his neck . Well when I saw them I crossed the street.
    How old the snakes are as specie do you know ? To me they look like they habit the Earth for a long, long time .
    And yes, poor spiders they are living being too.

    • Some species of snakes have been around as long as the dino, just not in their present form. Been around a LONG while. Tell you something fun to look up…
      O Apep and the Book of Gates. The ‘book’ that was found in the tomb of Seti I of Egypt. It was written on the wall of his tomb and the ‘books’ purpose was to serve as a ‘map’ of the underworld…The greatest thing Seti I had to watch out for on his journey to the afterlife, was Apep – The god of evil (in giant snake form of course).

      Cool stuff – Think you would enjoy it! ;)

  2. anguishedrepose :The Book of Gates is pretty awesome, just all its won. Been playing around with a story based on it just cause the coolness almost demands it. I just LOVE Egyptian mythology! I tell ya, its unlike anything else to be had today.

    I love Egyptian mythology too . It is other worthly .
    Do you have any idea how much I would like to read the story you are playing with . I feel like abandoned Greek chorus ;) and that is not good role for me and my many voices .

    • I tend to over complicate my stories. *laughs* Not as if you didn’t know that already. This one I’m working on making a little more simplistic, but tel you what…If I ever get it to the point I want, then yes I will let you read it. ;)

      • “laughs” Yes , I know . Maybe you need complicated subject ( Egyptian mythology) which will force you to make it more simplistic . How knows maybe it will work great for you.
        Geez , If you ever get it to the point you want , then yes you will let me read it ” Good thing i am not waiting holding my breath . I will be blue and long gone.
        I am not happy with the answer . ;) But I am happy that I can tell you that . :)
        Take your time , but you know how much I love reading your stories . After all that’s the only think i like about you. :P

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  4. anguishedrepose :Hahahaha.

    Hahahah :)

    I have an idea for a very copmlicated supernatural story about eternal connection between two souls .
    One is an ancient soul and warrior . Another is regular human being unaware of their eternal connection . The warrior will kill the human to free the spirit and to be together .
    Of course , in the end story could be completely different . But it is fun to play with it .Maybe I will let you read. :)

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