Amnesia inducing prescription drugs? You betcha!

Prescription drugs have some really weird side effects and there are 10 really great ones (well, only if it’s not YOU suffering from them, I suppose) and you can check them all out at Discovery Health; however one really stood out for me because of the oddness…

Did you know you could get Amnesia from a drug?

Yeah, me neither.

Take these two drugs Mirapex & Lipitor

Reading the side effect of the first drug got me wondering…

Does Mirapex actually cure RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) or does it just make you forget you have it?

As for the second drug, Lipitor (statins), and the benefits out weighing the risks?


I guess that depends on how great your life was after your high school graduation. I mean, if it sucked? Pfft, why not? Nothing to lose there, eh, but the memories and THE MAJORITY OF YOUR LIFE!


Amnesia is a condition right out of movies and soap operas; a character suddenly appears somewhere with absolutely no memory of who he is or where he came from. Sometimes it’s caused by a head injury (and another knock on the head miraculously brings all of the memories back) while other times, it’s caused by a traumatic event. In real life, some prescription drugs can also cause amnesia, although total amnesia is incredibly rare.

This is the case for some users of Mirapex (generic name pramipexole). Mirapex was developed in 1997 to control the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and is also prescribed for people with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). You’ll see it several more times in our top 10 due to the wide range of weird side effects that its users can experience. One of these weird side effects is amnesia. Some patients reported short-term memory loss, such as not remembering what they did the day before. Going off Mirapex seemed to get rid of the problem.

This side effect can also happen with patients who take statins, a class of drugs that are supposed to lower cholesterol. Duane Graveline, a former astronaut, reported coming back from a short walk and not recognizing his wife while he was taking Lipitor. Then he lost memories of any events beyond his high school graduation. Thankfully, the memory loss was only temporary. Some researchers theorize that the statins may work almost too well, blocking the creation of cholesterol necessary for neurological function. However, they still believe that the benefits of statins like Lipitor outweigh the risk of this rather scary side effect.

5 comments on “Amnesia inducing prescription drugs? You betcha!

  1. This is damn scary .It is dangerous to read the side effect . I take drugs only when I really have to. Last time was when I had double ear infection and that pain my dear is not something I want to go twice. I was so upset at the doctors . I went complaining for a serious pain in my left ear . The doctor looked and said Pfft everything is fine . I said I am in pain and I am not complaining type and when I say I am in pain you better believe it is a serious pain . Nope everything is fine .He said you have a good body and that’s how you body is fighting . I wanted to ask him and what my body is so fighting if everything is fine .
    I took some aspirin and suffered for a while . Couple days later I couldnt sleep all night . The pain was excrusiated . Second doctor looked and now I had double ear infection . Took almost 3 week and triple dosage of antibiotics to clear the double yummy .
    Interesting about the amnesia . I was always curious how amnesia works especially when the person doesn’t recognise their family ?

    • It IS scary, but just think all the new storylines soaps could have if they used this. Wow. ;)

      Seriously though…Not big on drugs myself. In fact I usually only go to the doctor if blood is like leaking out of my eyes or something…Otherwise? No. Not going. I take rather good acre of myself, I exercise, eat pretty good, maintain a good weight and I’m not into habits that are detrimental to my body, so I honestly have seldom reasons to go. I keep my shots up-to-date and I get all the check-ups I’m supposed to and even at 35 my overall fitness is better than average, but its only cause I work hard to make sure it is. As such, having to take anything LIKE this drug to induce amnesia… I can’t even imagine it. Not at all.

    • Shots? Oh the normal: tetanus shot and flu shot.

      As for what I eat…Hmmm. THIS answer is gonna jump around a bit, hope you don’t mind. I’ll just type as I think…WHICH is as dangerous as it sounds *laughs*:

      Its easier to say what I don’t eat than what I do. I don’t eat junk food, overly processed foods, foods high in fat (Hello Double Down, I’m looking at you) and I avoid pretty much all fast food, but I do treat my self to the occasional pizza every so often. Cause – hello…PIZZA! Oriental food? Huge fav of mine. I also eat a lot of yogurt and I am a veggie and fruit nut – Can’t get enough of either…The fresher the better. I drink LOTS of water, eat sea food, chicken (skinless of course) and I enjoy fresh bread but it has to be whole wheat. I eat generally pretty much whatever I want, but sweets are OUT. Hence the yogurt abundance. As I said before I am not a dieter, I do not DO diets the way I eat is a life style, not short term. I never fry, always bake, or cook on top of the stove. I don’t eat salt or flavor my food margarine. Not a big fan of sugar, unless it is the natural variety. I am not much a beef eater either but I force myself occasionally to partake in some red meat for the nutrition. Consciously when I eat I am aware about what I am putting in my body, THAT is the biggest thing that helps me with my fitness over anything else. It’s all about choice and CONTROL and boy do I have a lot of THAT to spare. :)

  2. I dont mind when answer jumps around that’s how mind works .
    I always type how I think and well you know very well how THAT is dangerous :)
    We have the similar type of diet . I dont do special diets cause they dont work . Plus why people eat healthy for a month or two and then go back to unhealthy eating habits. That is so wrong. It should be life style not a temporary change . I dont eat beef and seafood , dont use salt almost at all and if I want I put unsalted butter not ever a margarine . Cook with olive oil or sunflower oil. From my time in Greece the use of olive oil stayed with me . I would recommend a flax seeds in the salad or sprinkle when you cook your meals. Veggie and fruits are must and I am big fan of nuts like walnuts and almonds with some seeds like sunflower seeds and flax .
    You mention yogurt again What style with fruit or natural ? I dont eat process food i cook my own and i do know a lots of receipts from all the women in my family are great cook . my biggest weakness are pasta dishes and that i have to keep on minimum . And cheese .
    Chinese food is another weakness and boy do we have here a whole Chinatown to enjoy . The stores in Chinatown are full of crazy goodies . I love to go there . Not just to eat.
    I talk about cheesecake but i dont remember when was a last time I had it. But I know where I will buy good one for the 2012 . ;) I dont eat cookies but like to cook fruits like jams.
    I want my food to nourish the body and keep it going .

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