The myth, mysticism and superstitions of the four-leaf clover

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The four-leaf clover

A magical symbol, synonymous with good luck and fortune is the four leaf clover. For centuries it was considered to possess a tremendous amount of power to protect against evil and bad omens. To find a 4 leaf clover on the way to the bingo hall, could very well be a sign of a upcoming night full of prizes and good fortune. Today we will learn a little more about one of the more powerful lucky charms of all times: the 4-leaf clover.


There have been many cultures that believe in the magical power of 4-leaf clovers through time. In ancient Egypt it was customary to give a 4 leaf clover to bless the union of a new couple, as a symbol of eternal love. Children hung clovers as a talisman to protect them from evil. But why a four-leaf clover?

What makes a four-leaf clover so special is its rarity. It’s not easily found. Scientists have classified it as a genetic mutation. The 4 leaf clover is only possible thanks to this genetic anomaly. In fact, it is estimated that the odds of finding a 4-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000. If you think it this way, then you will know that you should be really lucky to find one by accident. It’s like winning the lottery. Its rarity is now considered in botany as an endangered species.

From a symbolic point of view, there is an ancient legend that gives a divine meaning to the four-leaf clover. According to this mystical story, the four-leaf clover was a plant that grew in abundance in Paradise where Adam and Eve lived. After being banished from Eden, Eve took a small clover with 4 petals, to help her reveal before her eyes, invisible demons, evil beings that otherwise she was not able to see. This clover gave her protection and a blessing, when facing the terrors of the world. Later, after the coming of Christ, it was given the symbolism of the Holy Cross as a symbol of nature, blessing with love and prosperity.

Each leaf clover symbolizes some special meaning:

* The first is for hope
* The second is for faith
* The third is for love
* The fourth for luck.

If you are lucky enough to find a one by chance save it in your wallet and it will bring economic prosperity. To put it on your shoes will help you always to take the right path. It is very important to remember never to give a 4-leaf clover lightly, “Fate has given to you, and if you despite it, giving it or throwing it way, it will turn against you.”

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  1. I didnt know what was origin of four -leaf cloves . Never found one either . I guess cause I didnt look for. But I like the explanetion and that last sentence.
    Hope , fate , love and luck .Great . HFLL “laughs”

  2. I have found probably hundreds of four-leaf clovers in my life, and dozens of 5 and 6 leafs, they aren’t as rare as most people think it’s just that most don’t notice them. I grew up gardening and potting and have a good eye for detail and they just jump out at me when I’m walking along in a daze staring at the ground I just notice something different and zoom in on it, guess I must be lucky :)

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