What Science Couldn’t Solve, Mother Nature Could

The human body, as prescribed to us my Mother Nature and our fate gifted to us by the Universe, is an amazing thing.

Even as much as medicine and science is able to do for us, they still have limits thanks to laws they have yet to accept as even being in the realm of possibilities.

Take this amazing story as a fine example:

[Link: Listverse] Mark Chenoweth gets the top spot of this list for his amazing story. Chenoweth, who has spent the past ten years in a wheelchair, was born with spina bifida, a crippling disease that left him unable to walk. In 1998, he consulted his doctor about taking scuba diving lessons, which the doctor immediately forbade. Against his doctor’s orders, he took a holiday to Minorca and managed to persuade a diving center to give him scuba lessons.

Diving to a depth of 55 ft, after he surfaced, he found out that he can walk again. Three days later, his legs lost sensation once more, so he immediately went back to scuba diving. After a while, he noticed that the deeper he gets, the longer the time he can walk after.

Due to this, Chenoweth now uses his wheelchair only twice a year. It is not exactly known why this happened, but one theory suggests that the rich mix of oxygen in the aqualungs divers used affected the nerve cells afflicted by the spina bifida, making them temporarily work.

Doctors in Egypt have tried to mimic the results of oceanic diving upon Mark’s body, by subjecting him to specialized high pressure chamber but have yet been able to achieve the same results brought upon by Mother Nature’s ocean.

“But have come up with no answers.”

There is so much that doctors and scientists do not understand, such as how Mother Nature could pull of a miracle, when they could not, for Mark Chenoweth.

But that’s ok, I have the answer…

Mother Nature, and quite frankly our Universe, is filled with the delight of more miracles than the ‘genius’ of our feeble human mind will ever be able to comprehend.

Some are just unwilling to accept this fact.

Quite simply if one pits Mother Nature (i.e. the belief of your choosing)  and the Universe against Science and Medicine…

Mother Nature and Universal destiny will win every time.

Simply amazing.

One comment on “What Science Couldn’t Solve, Mother Nature Could

  1. This is amazing . I love story like this .Give me hope and confirm
    my beliefs. Wonderful . Sometimes I would like to say to scientists or
    human in general “Let is be , leave it to the nature “. Only thing we need to change is to believe in nature more. we gaze too much at our belly bottom .Should gaze at the stars more or at the water .

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