Welcome to Ilha de Queimada Grande… Snake Island


It’s vacation time. You have worked hard, you have played harder and with all the craziness going on in your life, and all you have been through, it is time for a break.

Is there any place better you can think of, than to spend your vacation on a tropical island paradise?

We are talking sun, sand and bright blue ocean waters. And a very limited population, so you will practically have the island to yourself…

And by yourself, I mean like with just ONE other person. The overseer of the light tower.

But how can this be, you ask yourself? Just look at this place!

Oh, yeah. *nods* Say hello to the “golden lancehead” pitviper (Bothrops insularis) found only on Ilha da Queimada Grande (beautifully pictured above), otherwise known as Snake Island.

It is a 430,000-square-metre (110-acre) island off the coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Where scientists have declared that there are five snakes every square meter of the island. An island. it has been said, is the most dangerous place to visit…



So you know what that means?

Time to look for another place for vacation.


6 comments on “Welcome to Ilha de Queimada Grande… Snake Island

  1. Hmmm , I have chills and really cold feet just looking at the pictures.
    Do not like snakes . At all . My experience is If you do not threaten
    them they just slither away . Anyway nice little heaven for them .

  2. I have no issue with them. They don’t bother me at all.However, when I do have an issue with them, is when I am the only other human on an island with them. I mean heck, for I know, to them I would look like one big snack. So yeah, even though snakes don’t bother me…A whole island of them does indeed. Geez

  3. I wonder if anyody has ever tried to sell the island to a land developer or rich person?

    Excerpt from Ad in Real estate magazine:

    Have you ever wanted to get away from the city and own your own tropical island? Located only a few miles from civilization, this 110-acre beauty offers pristine ocean views, plenty of wildlife, and even a lighthouse!!

    This is a real bargain that people are dying to own. Will you be the first one to take a bite on this offer and slither away with your own little piece of paradise?

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