Stupid Man Tricks – Landed In What, Edition!


Watch the gif below…

What the hellz is that on the back of his shirt?

What did he land in?


Now, if it’s blood…

That’s cool, cause I mean look at him, he’s an idiot.

But landing in some foreign, icky, possibly poo like substance, while falling on your head, WHILE being an idiot?

Yeah, that’s just not necessary.

Parkour jump fail


Stupid Man Tricks – A Little Donkey Stole Him, Edition!

Watching THIS (below) gif…

Do you wonder what it was the remaining Russian officer told his superiors regarding his partners disappearance?

Cause “A little donkey stole him” just doesn’t seem like a believable enough excuse.





BOSS Gifs – Laugh In the Face of Gravity, Edition!

This big swing looks awesome!


Except that part where it slows down at the top, and you are holding your breath waiting for gravity (that fickle b*tch) to kick in.



Oh, yeah…


Swing GIF -


This is how you laugh in the face of gravity…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid WoMAN Tricks – Finger Exercises Needed, Edition!


Does THIS (below) lady have pipe cleaners for fingers?

Cause one would think holding on to the big @$$ gun you are currently firing, MIGHT be a priority…

You know, so you and everyone around doesn’t DIE should you drop it and the thing go off unexpectedly.


Finger exercises lady, seriously…

Do them.

Or pssst GET A SMALL GUN!!!!

Magnum Revolver GIF -