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Delight of Discovery & ‘Penny Willan’… with excerpt!


If its a good read you seek?
Come on, take a peek!

Originally posted on A. Lee Brock:

What makes a good story? For me, there are a few elements that are critical.

Elements such as adventure, suspense, horror… Humor, romance, intrigue… Darkness, light and love.

Nothing makes me happier than to come across a story that takes all of my desired elements, tosses in a little Gothic noir, gives it a little shake and then lets the goodness pour out.

Thou, I must admit, when it comes to reading? Seems like that delight of discovery has been happening a little less of late.

Often at times, I find myself scanning over link after link of books on Amazon, reading the book description and leaving the site without nary a purchase. All because I am just so bored with the commonplace, the normal, the average literary fare.

I want a story, and a unique one. I’m so tired of reading stories that can be easily interchanged with another…

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Eight Days and Counting!


A week and a day away!

Originally posted on A. Lee Brock:

Eight days and counting.

The demon Envy, from Penny Willan and the Well


It is ready.

Are you?

Excerpt:Penny Willan and the Well,Pride

So, keep this close in mind,
when the day soon ‘twill find,
the next step in Envy’s wicked scheme.
For a girl’s soul now desired,
and today Envy conspired
another chance to make Penny scream.

‘Tis her true love it’s a’holdin,
and now, Envy, quite embolden,
that to it, Penny soon will revert.
For with its fangs it did imbed,
into Beau’s neck, as it fed,
dreams of evil unto Penny ‘twould besmirch.

The well waits for its Penny,
and after years ‘tis ready,
‘tis her goodness it desires to derail.
For Envy now has the ammunition,
to make her crave its vile perdition,
sacrificing her soul, evil soon ‘twill prevail.

Penny Willan

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Stupid Man Tricks – Helmet Testing, Edition!

One would think…

That there could be a SAFER way to test bullet proof helmets?

Not in Russia.

[Note to self: People are crazy in Russia. Second Note to self: Never move to Russia. Third Note to self: If you do, never try on any helmets, no matter what someone may promise you.]




BOSS Gifs – Make Like Maximus, Edition!

You know…

That horse from the Disney movie, Tangled?



The horse that can do such feats…

As to make you scoff and chuckle:

“I know this is a cartoon and all, but pffft, like that is even possible!”


In real-life?

Found him!

Horse jump GIF











This is how you make like Maximus…

Like a BOSS!